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12 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

best sports streaming sites

Are you a sports fan who loves to watch sports now you are looking for the best free sports streaming sites to watch sports without any cost? If yes then you are in the right place because today here we discussed the best free streaming sports sites. 

If some of the websites are not available in your region then you need to use a VPN because VPN can help you to unblock all sports streaming sites and allows you to connect with any server to access the best free sports live stream without any restrictions. 

If you are interested to grab beneficial information then read carefully at the end of the post and here users also get a handful of choices to choose from online. 

Is It Legal To Streams Sports For Free?

If you are going to use any best free sports streaming websites then firstly you need to read the all laws and policies of your country. Most of cases the legality of streaming sites are depending on the variety of content. 

If some websites give copyrighted content so in that situation, you can face some problems while downloading the copyright content. Some Live sports streaming websites can contain malware or suspicious files which can harm your devices. So be careful after using some unverified website to watch live sports stream. 

I’ve used sports live streaming sites to watch live UFC fights & personally, I don’t face any problems. 

If you are using official apps to stream live events like Fox sports which are legal then you didn’t face any issues. Given below I also mentioned some unofficial free sports streaming websites so after reading this mentioned site you are able to avoid those kinds of illegal websites for free sports live streams. 

Top 10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2024

Here I mentioned the best free sports streaming websites which can help you to watch your favourite sports like cricket, baseball, boxing, tennis, golf, etc. So just read the ultimate best free sports streaming sites to watch sports without any fuss. 

If you are in a hurry and can’t able to watch the complete posts then here I list of free sports stream sites that we consider. 

free sports streaming sites
  • FOX Sports
  • ESPN
  • BBC iPlayer
  • SonyLIV
  • Hotstar
  • Facebook Watch
  • NBC Sports
  • FITE
  • DAZN
  • Footybite
  • Live Soccer TV
  • LiveSports24

FOX Sports 

Fox Sports launched in 2018 as a way to watch live sports streams when you are away from your TV. Since 2019, Fox Sports has provided various sports networks, as well as Fox Sports Midwest, YES Network, and Prime Ticket.

Fox Sports is a sports streaming website and with the use of it, you can easily watch various sporting events on your device or system. Fox sports is free so if you are going to use it then you need to log in through your TV provider to access the live sports stream.

Pros And Cons Of Fox Sports

Fox Sports ProsFox Sports Cons
Easy to use interfaceAds can be intrusive
Provide multiple sports networksAvailable in few countries
View Upto Four Games at once by using split screening featureHave to be signed up with a provider to access content
Flawless Device Switching experience


The ESPN website is best free sports streaming sites for watching highlights of sports and news all across the world without facing any issues. It also provides amazing sports content such as live matches,  Highlights, analysis videos, etc. ESPN’s website features mostly American sports like American football and baseball. 

In ESPN if you want to watch live matches then you need to require an ESPN subscription. In the free version, you can only watch match highlights or news all around the world. Even you can use your existing cable subscription to log in.

ESPN supports PCs, Macs, Android devices, and iPhones, to watch your favourite sports on games.

Pros And Cons Of ESPN

Pros of ESPNCons of ESPN
Cover all American sportsSubscription is needed for live watching
User-friendly interfaceCan’t access ESPN without a VPN in other countries
Provides ad-free streaming
A great panel of sports analytics

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a most popular streaming app that lets you watch your favourite sports from the UK without any ads. By the use of a VPN, you can easily watch sports in the UK to connect with any UK server from your region. 

With the use of BBC iPlayer, you can stream football, cricket, golf, cycling, basketball, and many more games. BBC iPlayer gives you HD streaming capabilities with a large number of sports selections.

BBC iPlayer Pros and Cons

BBC iPlayer Pros BBC iPlayer Cons
Ad-free streamingLimited to UK residents
Available on multiple networksStreaming quality can be affected by fluctuating internet speed


SonyLIV is the streaming website for Indian and English TV shows, movies, or sports.  Here you can also watch WWE, live cricket, football match, and UFC shows. SonyLIV has high-definition quality streaming options. 

While accessing SonyLIV you get most of the Indian content on this website. If you live in a restricted region where SonyLIV is not accessible then you can use the NordVPN 2-Year plan which helps you to access it in a restricted country without any limitations.

Pros and Cons of SonyLIV

Pros of SonyLIV AppCons of SonyLIV App
Easy to use interfaceRestricted in some regions
Android and iOS apps are availableMostly give Indian content without any subtitles
Live scoreboard


Hotstar is the streaming service of the Star network and currently, it has millions of subscribers. Here users can watch live cricket matches, Tennis, EPL, and the host of the Indian sports league. 

Hotstar is not completely free if you want to watch live sports matches then you need to purchase a subscription to Hotstar. You can use VPN for Hotstar to stream a wide category of TV shows or movies. The Hotstar plan is not much expensive.

Many users have preferred the Indian version because of the large number of free content. 

Pros & Cons of Hotstar

Pros of HotstarCons of Hotstar
Hotstar has a wide variety of sportsLive stream sometimes lags by a few minutes
It has content in many languagesIt is restricted to a few countries

Facebook Watch

Facebook watch is also a platform of free sports streaming sites here you can use your Facebook account to stream online. There is a limited number of official Sports streams. But is not recommended to be one of the best free sports streaming apps.

You have to be careful while watching sports that are provided by the other users on the Facebook watch platforms because live streaming this type of content is often illegal. Most of the time facebook watch gives you highlights of sports. 

Facebook Watch Pros & Cons

Facebook Watch ProsFacebook Watch Cons
Easy to WatchLimited to one official MLB stream a week
Variety of games available through live streamIt has some misleading streams
Video streaming quality maybe not be good

NBC Sports

NBC sports streaming sites based on the US. Just like the other NBC gives sports streaming on its website and apps. Some well-known sports personalities like Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen host their podcast on NBC Sports.

It covers golf, soccer, rugby, and cycling in addition to traditional American sports. In NBC Sports you also need to get an NBC subscription for live streaming. But if you access TV Services like Dish, spectrum, and cable, then you are eligible to access live matches for free.

The Pros and Cons of NBC Sports

Pros of NBC SportsCons of NBC Sports
Large Variety of Sports related contentRequire a subscription for live matches
It also provides live matches timing and scores


FITE is a platform that streams sports or entertainment and FITE is an American digital video streaming platforms. It gives content related to combat sports. It streams larger than 1000 live events per year and FITE has a strong community of 7M fans. 

It supports Xbox, Roku, and Chromecast devices. The mobile app is also available for iOS and Android devices. 

Here you are capable to watch boxing, wrestling, soccer matches, etc. 

Pros And Cons Of FITE

Pros of FITECons of FITE
Streams 1000 live events per yearApp interface are not easy to use
Offers many subscription optionsExpensive in price
Also provides the latest news section for news fans


DAZN is one of the best streaming platforms which is only focused on sports. It doesn’t have tie-ups with any major cable broadcaster. Now DAZN covers 8000+ sports events per year and it was limited to a few countries like Japan and Australia.

DAZN launched its services in 200+ countries and it also offers one month subscription for new users.

Pros and Cons of DAZN

Pros of DAZNCons of DAZN
Great option For boxing and MMAIssues with customer care
Global coverage
Supported with multiple devices


Footybite is the best free sports streaming sites and it is mainly focused on international soccer and football in America. Some events are available in high definition and streams on footybite open on the website itself without any redirections or pop-ups.

Here you can also watch basketball, hockey, cycling, and baseball on Footybite. 

Pros And Cons of Footybite

Footybite ProsFootybite Cons
No redirections to other websitesLimited coverage of sports
It has few ads and pop-ups
Good interface

Why Do People Use A VPN For Live Free Sports Stream?

People always used VPN for live free sports streams because with the use of a VPN they can easily connect to a server to access free sports stream sites from all around the world without any restrictions. 

VPN helps you to make secure your all online information or data from third parties. It takes care of your privacy or data from getting exposed. 

It helps you to watch your favorite sports from anywhere to everywhere without any hassle or issues. 

What Are The Most Popular Free Sports Streaming Sites?

DAZN, NBC Sports, and ESPN are the most popular free sports streaming sites.

How Do I Access Geo-Restricted Streaming Sites For Sports?

With the help of a VPN, you are eligible to access geo-restricted streaming sites for sports without any restrictions. It allows you to unblock all globally banned sites or content all across the world. After the use of a VPN, you don’t have to be worried to stream the best free sports streaming sites to watch your favorite content from anywhere to everywhere.

Are Free Sports Streaming Sites Safe?

Yes, Many websites are safe but which website is safe or not it depends on its variety of content. If it gives you some copyrighted content then it may cause some problems for you while accessing those sports streaming sites.

Which Are The Legal Websites For Sports Streaming?

There are many legal websites for sports streaming like Hotstar, NBC Sports, SonyLiv, etc but if you want to watch live matches on this website then you need to take the subscription plan of those websites because in the free version of them you can only watch some limited content or sports highlights. 
You can also use VPN for keeps your all online activity or data secure from anonymous attacks.


There are many best free sports streaming sites present where you can stream free live sports. But not all websites are safe after testing the many websites I mentioned top 10 best free sports streaming sites 2024. 

Make sure you have to connect with a VPN while accessing that mentioned website because VPN can secure you from any kind of malicious attacks. Allow you to hide your real identity from third parties.