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Best Music Torrenting Sites 2024 – [Working Sites List]

Best Music Torrenting Sites

Music is the best remedy for millions of people when they are stressed, lonely, hurt, or struggling. Music is the thing that makes one’s life relaxed, motivated, and a source of inspiration for many. So try out these best music torrenting sites in 2024 to download your favorite soundtracks.

There are many websites or apps like Spotify or YouTube where one can listen to songs. These apps are good for music sites but to download songs or for ads free music, you are required premium subscription. That’s why many people use the best torrenting sites for music to download for free.

Why Use Music Torrenting Sites in 2024?

Music torrenting sites provides all types of music list to download it at free of cost, that’s why peoples use torrenting music sites.

If someone wants to download songs from apps like iTunes or Spotify, it will cost money. So torrenting music sites can offer a way to get songs for free without spending money.

Another reason for using music torrenting websites is that you can’t get internet everywhere while traveling or on the subway. So downloading music on torrenting sites can be a good option for many people to listen to songs at any time from anywhere.

One more purpose of visiting torrenting sites is to download music from torrent sites songs from countries that are not much popular. Music torrent download sites may contain songs from China, Russia, Japan, and many other countries where music is rarely available.

Whenever you want to download and listen to songs of Korean drama, then definitely these good music torrent site works best for you.

How To Access Favorite Music Torrenting Sites 2024?

Whether you live in the USA or China, torrent sites are not permitted. So you will need a VPN for Torrenting for accessing music torrenting websites.

Everyone knows the famous Tamilrockers torrenting platform for movies, songs, and software. Since this website is blocked by government agencies, people use a VPN for Tamilrockers for music torrent download service.

Another alternative for accessing music torrenting sites is using a web-based proxy. This is the simplest way to visit torrent sites for downloading songs.

You may simply visit HideMyAss which is a web proxy site and enter the URL of the website with music torrents. The only drawback of this method is that your ISP can block web proxy sites anytime.

List of 17 Best Music Torrenting Sites In 2024

List of Best Music Torrenting Sites

I have sorted a list of sites for music torrenting that are working in 2024, where you can find all of your favorite songs or albums. 

  1. SoundPark Music Torrent Site
  2. ThePirateBay Torrenting Music
  3. KickAssTorrents
  4. MixTapeTorrent
  5. 1337x
  6. TokyoToshokan
  7. Rockbox
  8. TorrentDownloads
  9. LimeTorrents
  10. Torlock
  11. Torrentz2
  12. RARGB
  13. Torrent9
  14. DirtyTorrents
  15. Rutracker
  17. GloTorrents

SoundPark Music Torrent Site

It’s the most extensive music torrenting website that offers a wide range of songs. The search engine is in-built to search for your favorite song. User-friendly interface which makes navigation easy.

SoundPark Torrent Site for Music contains songs of all music genres and it is best for retro fans. No registration is required for downloading; if you register, you can enjoy music torrent download speed up to 5MB/s.

While using the SoundPark music torrent site, you may have to face lots of Ads and pop-ups which was very annoying.

Working Domains: sound-park. world, sound park. rocks, sound park-club. casa

ThePirateBay Torrenting Music

ThePirateBay is one of the popular music torrenting sites in 2024 which not only has torrent songs to download but you can also download the latest movies, games, and software.

The thePirateBay torrenting music website also provides audio files which makes it the best torrent for downloading. The interface is pretty simple and Ad-free.

Music is available in FALC format which makes sure that the sound quality is lossless. This website offers a large number of seeders for its files. Songs of all music genres are available from each country.

You don’t have to register on this ThePirateBay most popular music torrents website. This site Music torrent download speed was high as 8MB/s which will complete downloads pretty fast.

One good thing about The Pirate Bay is that it supports magnet links which makes downloading and sharing files easier.

Working Domains: thepiratebay. org, piratebayproxy. live, tpbpirateproxy. org, proxybay. xyz


The songs found on music torrenting sites like KickAss are rare and latest. This website has been known for many years and also provides the best indie music content.

KickAssTorrents music has an in-built search engine with an easy-to-navigate interface which makes searching easier. There is a dedicated music section with all new and old songs in lossless audio quality.

Music downloading KickAssTorrents website provides verified music torrent files. So should have to be less worried about the risk of malware attacks. The support for magnet links gives a download speed of up to 6.4MB/s.

Working Domains: kickasstorrents. to, kickass. cd, kat. sx, katcr. co, katcr. to


MixtapeTorrent is the best torrenting music sites for unique playlists with the latest DJ versions of the songs.

Only Mixtape music-based torrents provide you download speed upto 4.5MB/s. All torrent files on mixtape music torrenting sites have a cover image, tracklist, and reviews. This is helpful when if you want to download and listen to any new album.

You may listen to free remix songs created by independent DJs worldwide on this MixtapeTorrent website for songs & music. It also offers various categories of mixtapes such as R&B and Appacellas.

Working Domains: mixtapetorrent. com


1337x is one of the advanced-looking latest music sites for torrenting which provides the top 100 list of songs for various categories to download.

It has a simple user interface with a daily updated top music torrents section. The torrent files have lots of seeders and leechers making sure the file sharing is easier.

This website supports magnet links with music torrent download speed up to 6.5MB/s. It was easier for me to find the latest updated content as those torrent files are marked with a yellow star.

Working Domains:,,,,


Among the music torrenting sites, Tokyo Toshokan provides music from far-east countries for free downloading. It is known for lossless Japanese indie music and other content. Also provides a simple and Ad-free interface.

You have to complete registration for downloading songs and other content from this TokyoToshokan torrent website. The downloading speed was quite good with a high peer/seed ratio.

Working Domains: tokyotosho. org, tokyotosho. info, tokyotosho. se, tokyo-tosho. net

Rockbox Torrenting Music

Rockbox is the most famous music-based torrents for music listeners. It is also known as Rawkbawx. Rockbox site is focused on providing rock genre music to people. All of its mirror music torrenting sites have only rock genre music such as darkwave, electronic, funk, and metal.

You can search music by BitRate from 64k to 320k to find better audio quality songs.

The issue you may have to face is that, when you try to download torrent album musics, there was no support for magnet links. So you have to add files to the torrent client manually.

Working Domains: rawkbawx. rocks, rockbox. Piraproxy. page, rockbox. Dirproxy. info


TorrentDownloads is good torrenting music sites that are reliable for downloading songs of different genres. It offers more than 40+ music categories including trans and techno which is quite intuitive.

The torrent files are verified so the risk of malware is low. When I was downloading there was a shortage of seeders that slowed music torrent download speed sometimes.

If we look at the average downloading speed, it was up to 4.2 MB/s without any registration.

Working Domains: torrentdownloads. d4. re, torrentdownloads. pro


Lime Torrents is one of the best site for music torrenting where less popular songs from countries like China, and Indonesia is also available.

The search bar is very simple without any advanced filter searching menu. LimeTorrents provides a dedicated music section with verified torrent files.

You can easily download the latest music albums from lime torrents, most of them had 10,000+ seeders. The downloading speed can vary but 7MB/s is the average speed.

Working Domains: limetorrents. to, limetorrents. lol, limetor. com, limetorrents. co

Torlock Site To Download Music Torrents

Torlock is another torrent in the list of top music torrenting sites used by most people for downloading free verified music albums.

You can find Only verified music torrent files available on this entire website which was very safe and risk-free. The search bar is very simple without any search categories.

Torrent files have an average number of seeders and leechers with music torrent download speed up to 7MB/s. It is was very annoying as this site shows Ads and pop-ups constantly.

Working Domains: torlock. live, torlock. com, torlock. cc, torlock2 com


Another torrent in the list of music torrenting sites is Torrentz2. It has been reliable for downloading for a very long time and was previously known as torrentz. The search bar supports an advanced filtering menu so that you can find any song that you want easily.

While Torlock has all verified files, Torrentz2 has only a dedicated section of verified music torrent files. What I liked about this website is that the Ad section is very small which is not annoying.

Working Domains: torrentz2. nz, torrentz2. pics, utorrentz. in


RARGB website is known for providing torrent files of daily mp3 releases and even live music concerts also that happened recently. It has a simple and user-friendly interface without any display Ads. Seeders and Leechers are a little low which can slow down downloading a bit.

As compared to other music torrenting sites, You can also see screenshots of music and live concert torrent files. This RARGB torrent site is helpful to check the picture quality before starting a music torrent download.

Content on RARGB site is free from malware. Usually, the uploaded torrents are inspected by moderators before making them available for download.

Working Domains: rargb. to, rarbgproxy. org/index80. php, rarbgprx. org/index80. php


Torrent9 is a famous french torrent website where you can get the music of all categories such as jazz, pop, rock, and many more. This site has an ordinary search bar that doesn’t support any advanced search features.

The Torrent9 music site is in the French language so you will have to use a page translator. It is a totally Ad free site which is very appealing. Also, the numbers of seeders are higher for new content and old content both. 

Unlike other music torrenting sites, Torrent9 provided me with a dedicated section for French music albums. The section for international songs and other content was separate from the French content. 

Working Domains: torrent9. fm, torrent9. gg, torrent9. to, oxtorrent. co


DirtyTorrents is one of the newest torrenting sites of music where you can find music from various countries. The music torrent download can be sorted based on their respective seeders, leechers, and upload time.

The DirtyTorrents website has a simple design with an ordinary search bar. There is a “plus” sign behind the search bar that activates a category-based search feature. The Ad-free environment of this site provides a great user experience.

Working Domains: dirtytorrents. com

RuTracker For Torrent Songs & Musics

RuTracker is another torrent on the list of popular music torrenting sites. It is a Russian torrent so the website is in the Russian language so you will need a page translator.

This RuTracker torrenting site of music has multiple sections such as domestic and foreign for each category of music. Lossless and FALC audio formats are available for download.

While browsing this RuTracker music torrenting website, I saw a few Ads on the sidebar section of the page. These Ads were small and there was no pop-up so I had a great browsing experience.

Working Domains:,,

Nyaa. Si

Nyaa. si is a reputed torrent among the music torrenting sites for Asian songs from China, Japan, and South Korea. The search bar has an advanced filter feature with a “Trusted Only” option so that you can find trusted torrents.

The interface of Nyaa. Si music site torrenting is simple and easy to navigate without any Ads. Magnet links are supported for easy file sharing. You can able to download soundtracks from popular animes like Tokyo Ghoul, and One Piece, and video games from the Nyaa. Si torrent music site.

Working Domains: nyaa. si, nyaa. eu, nya. iss. one, nyaa. net, nyaatorrent. com


The last in the list of music torrenting sites is GloTorrents, where you can find songs from countries like the USA, Russia, and France. The interface is simple with one click feature to change the language for users who don’t understand English.

GloTorrents supports Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, and Portuguese languages with FLAC quality songs or simple MP3 format. Torrents have good numbers of seeders along with a green bar that shows the health of the link. This site also has IRC (Internet Relay Chat). 

Working Domains: gtdb. cc, glotorrents. Unblockproject. sbs

What Audio Quality Is Available on Music Torrenting Sites?

FLAC, AAC, MP3, WAV, and many other audio qualities are present on torrenting sites of music. These are the lossless and lossy formats of songs that make sure that the quality of the music doesn’t deteriorate.

You may download songs from torrent websites from the above-listed sites, all of them have excellent sound quality.

What Is The Size of Music Download File on Music Torrenting Sites?

The size of a download file on a music torrenting website can vary from 3MB to 1GB. The size of download files depends on the bitrate quality which varies from 64kbps to 320 kbps.

If you are downloading a single song then the download size will be low as 3MB to 12MB. When I downloaded the USA top 100 MP3 song chart with 320kbps bitrate quality, the download size was around 830MB.

In Which Country Music Torrenting Sites Are Not Banned?

Switzerland is the only country known at this time where music torrent download is allowed for private use. However, some torrent sites are also accessible in the Netherlands while most of them have been recently blocked by ISPs.

The rest of the countries including the USA, UK, Russia, France, Australia, China, and India have banned music torrenting websites. It’s recommended to use 1 dollar VPN services for downloading torrents if you are living in torrents-banned countries.

Note: We don’t recommend using any torrent site to download or stream any content. As using torrent site is an illegal activity and against the law. So, we don’t advice anyone to use any of these sites. We just created content for informational purposes.

Are Music Torrenting Sites Safe For Downloading?

No, torrenting sites for music are not safe for downloading or browsing by the public. You might be wondering why torrenting websites are not safe. The simple answer to this is; pirated content and illegal sharing of copyright files on peer-to-peer connections.

Downloading torrents from another peer can be risky. There are chances of getting malware files along with the torrents. Also, when you download from torrenting sites, you can get tracked by government agencies and punished by the law.

Is It Safe To Use VPN For Music Torrenting Sites?

Yes, it is completely safe to use VPN services for torrenting sites with music and downloading songs. The reason behind this is that a virtual private network hides your location and encrypts your internet traffic.

When you access a torrenting website from a browser on your phone or PC, it stays hidden from ISP. As your ISP doesn’t know what you are browsing, it can not block your access to torrents.

Also, most virtual private network services have malware detection features. That’s why I always use a VPN for downloading songs or other content from a music torrenting website.

Which VPN Is Best For Downloading From Music Torrenting Sites?

Best VPN For Downloading Music Torrenting Sites

Here are some virtual private network services that offer you both speed and security while downloading torrents.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • CyberGhost
  • AstrillVPN


ExpressVPN provides a high-grade privacy feature that scrambles the browsing traffic so government agencies or ISP can’t track your web activity. It has 3000+ servers in 94 countries which help download music from other countries also. You might choose ExpressVPN 3 Year Deal to buy ExpressVPN for streaming or torrenting.


NordVPN is another price-saving alternative VPN like Hola. If you want premium data privacy services at an affordable price, then NordVPN is the best choice for VPN. It offers 5400+ servers in 59 countries and got a dedicated IP feature which is good for regular music downloading. You may go with the NordVPN Jacksepticeye discount deal to buy at a reasonable price.


Just choose the Surfshark 27 Months to plan to enjoy all its premium features. Surfshark is also known for its no-log policy and data privacy with simultaneous log-ins on unlimited devices. Surfshark offers 3200+ servers with support in 95 countries giving access to music torrenting sites from any country.


CyberGhost is a VPN service provider whose 7000+ servers are located in 91 countries and offers worldwide access to music torrenting websites. You will get 7 simultaneous device support with a build-in Ad blocker with this virtual private network. You can also consider to read SurfShark Vs Cyberghost VPN so that you may be able to make a better purchase decision for a VPN for accessing music torrenting.


AstrillVPN has fast-speed servers located in 56 countries. Due to its better server, AstrillVPN is more popular for getting the best server for Pubg Mobile. It also offers a free version so that you can try this virtual private network before buying its paid subscription.

All of these virtual private network services also have an anti-malware feature that scans the downloaded files. You can use the NordVPN discount code or ExpressVPN promo code to reap the benefits of data security and privacy.

How To Download Songs From Music Torrenting Sites With VPN?

It is very simple to use the virtual private network to get a music torrent download without any risk. Here’s how to download from a music torrenting website:

  1. Buy VPN (recommended NordVPN 3 Year Deal)
  2. Install VPN on your device
  3. Open the VPN software
  4. Choose any server, and click connect
  5. Now open a web browser
  6. If the torrent client is not installed, download μTorrent or BitTorrent
  7. Open any of the above-listed 17 best music torrenting sites in a web browser
  8. Go to the music section and select a category
  9. Select the torrent file with the highest number of seeders and leechers
  10. Click on the magnet link if available. The download will start automatically
  11. When magnet links are not available, download the torrent file and add it to the torrent client manually

Is It Safe To Download Songs From Music Torrenting Sites Using Free VPNs?

No, free virtual private networks are not as safe as paid ones. Most of the free VPNs save logs and hand over your private information to third-party clients. Some of these VPNs ask you to watch Ads if you want to continue using them. These Ads can track your data.

Although, we also don’t recommend to use any torrent sites.

In a free virtual private network, data privacy features aren’t good enough to encrypt browsing traffic completely. So there is always a risk that ISP or government agencies can track web history.

When you download torrents, the files are fetched from other users’ devices. So there is a chance of downloading a virus or malware along with it. The free version of VPNs doesn’t have malware scanners so the risk of getting viruses is always there. 

You might face bad experiences with free VPN because of data limits and very low download speed. That’s why using paid VPNs is important to get high-speed connections, unlimited bandwidth with top-notch privacy, and malware security.

Is Downloading From Music Torrenting Sites Legal?

No, downloading torrents of copyright content is not legal at all. Most of the content on music torrenting websites is copyrighted and available for download without any legal permission. This is the main reason why torrents are banned in many countries.

Tips To Choose The Best Music Torrenting Sites

There are lots of torrenting sites for music but all of them are not reliable and safe. Some torrents contain fake links so keep the following things in mind while choosing a torrent site:

  • Well Established: Choose a torrent website that has been around for a long time such as 5-6 years at least. This gives a sign of genuine and trustworthy links for downloading songs.
  • Content Variety: When you visit a torrent site for a specific category of music, it should be available on it. So the library of the site must have a wide variety of songs to choose from.
  • Fewer Ads: It is very annoying when you visit music torrenting sites and pop-up Ads start filling your device’s screen. When you select a torrent site, make sure it has a lesser number of Ads or no Ads at all.
  • High Seeders and Leechers: The speed and time of a music torrent download depend on either the ISP or seeders-leechers ratio. So it is better to download from a torrent site whose files have a high seeders-leechers ratio.
  • Lots of visitors: Choose a music torrenting website that has a lot of regular users. If a site has a high number of visitors that means it has more verified links. Also, the reviews by the user are helpful when downloading popular music.
  • Working Torrent Domains: Not all torrents are banned and some of their domains might work in some regions. So find a torrent whose domains are working in your country.

Whenever you visit any torrent website, it is always recommended to use VPNs as they keep your privacy secure.

What Are The Best Music Torrenting Sites For Downloading Songs?

ThePirateBay, Mixtape Torrents, and RuTracker are the best sites for music torrenting. These websites give you multiple categories of music present on them. You can also find less popular songs from countries like China, Japan, and India on these sites.

Also, they have a higher number of seeders and leechers which make sure that downloading speed stays high. Whether you download the latest or old music album from these sites, you will get a good peer/seed ratio.

Which Music Torrenting Sites Should Be Avoided?

Usually, torrent sites that are around for less than 3 years can have a chance of containing fake links with viruses. Here’s the list of torrent sites to be avoided:

  • TorrentGalaxy
  • TorrentFunk
  • PassThePopcorn
  • SumoTorrents

Which VPN Is Safe For Music Torrenting Sites?

ExpressVPN is the safest virtual private network that can hide your location and unlock torrent music song sites. Another Best VPN software is NordVPN which can scan torrent files for malware and provides privacy.

Can I Use Music Torrenting Sites Without VPN?

No, it is not a good idea to visit and download Music from torrent websites without VPNs. Torrents are banned in most countries and using them is against the law. So always use a VPN for torrents.


So we hope that the information provided was necessary enough for you to download songs from music torrenting sites. Search your favorite music albums whether new or old and download them easily.

Make sure that you are using a VPN because torrents are not accessible in many countries and downloading them is illegal.