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Best Server For Pubg Mobile – [To Play From Anywhere 2024]

Best Server For PUBG Mobile

The PUBG mobile best server is that one that provides low ping while playing PUBG mobile games and also the opponents are competitive. That is true gameplay also depends on the toughness and easiness of the server.

It means you can say that the best server depends on the region or location and the reality is the correct ping of your game also depends upon your site to its server.

Here is an example of this if you are a player of a Europe server and you connect your server to Asia. In that case, you will face the issues like high ping and server reconnecting, glitches, lagging, server time-out, and other issues in the game.

You will all the different colors in the pings on the different servers. Usually, three colors indicate how is your ping running. Each ping shows how is your internet speed.

The red color for the high ping shows your ping is extremely high making the game challenging to play, and the yellow color shows that the ping is high but not that much (Average), Green color shows the ping is on the level which shows your ping is suitable for play.

For more information continue reading this post and know more information about the best server for PUBG Mobile.

How Do PUBG Servers Play a Crucial Role?

If the server has a low ping that means your server is the best and you can easily play your favorite PUBG game without any issues. If you have a good internet connection then you don’t need to be worried about the low ping or server for PUBG.

How Many Servers In PUBG Have?

PUBG Mobile is one of the best multiplayer video games and it that keeps getting famous since it got released

There are many servers for playing PUBG with good speed and without any lagging so, Here I mentioned the 5 servers in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile game.

All are the best servers for PUBG Mobile according to their country or place and each cover lots of countries. Have look below at PUBG Best Server Country.

  • Asia – Best Server For PUBG Mobile Game
  • Europe – Easiest Server In PUBG Mobile
  • KRJP – Reward Server in PUBG Mobile
  • North America – Rank Push Server in PUBG
  • South America – Easy & Best Server For PUBG Mobile

These are the 5 PUBG best server countries, you can use any of them but when you install the game from Playstore it will select your server according to them. 

Asia – Best Server For PUBG Mobile Game

The Asia server is known as the best PUBG server in every term. In the Asia server, you will get more competitive players as compared to other servers.

If you are a player of the Asia server and you want to push your rank, then my friend it is not an easy game for everyone to push rank in the Asia server. You will get all the pro players around you and the streamers. You will also see the iPad players on the Asia server.

Asia server is the best server for PUBG because it has the most competitive players compared to the other 4 servers of the PUBG Mobile game. Assuming the population in Asia, the PUBG game inventors have split this server into sub-servers. We can say that Asia is the best server for PUBG mobile.

Europe Server – Easiest Server In PUBG Mobile 

If you want to play casual games with enjoyment then you should use the Europe server and you won’t be dissatisfied with this server. We can say that this server is a mid-level server and there is not that much hardship you have to face to get chicken dinner.

Here players are more practiced at playing. As further servers, you can also encounter many bots that can increase your killing ratio, and you can also complete their or achievements missions here.

In Europe server users will also get 114ms which is above the low ping.

KRJP –  Reward Server in PUBG Mobile

This Easiest KRJP server of PUBG game stands for Korea Republic/Japan. These servers are made for specific countries and you can see there is less competition. So it will become easy for you to have dinner or most kill in KRJP server.

KRJP server is the easiest server in PUBG mobile of all and the reason for that is you can find here low competitive opponents players or bots in KRJP Server. You can use this server too for missions.

If you are getting bored or frustrated by getting killed by someone, so use the easiest best server in PUBG Mobile game for chicken dinner.

North American Server – Rank Push Server in PUBG

In the North American server, you can still get many bots there. Interestingly, numerous players on this server are not trained although they are moderate players. 

Particularly when you play with lower ranks or tier(s) like bronze or silver and even platinum Then This is not difficult for you to play.

You can also find this server effortless as in Asia. As per the experts, this server is not as tough or challenging to play. Also, you can have chicken dinner if you are an average player. So this is the best server for PUBG Mobile.

South America  – Easy & Best Server For PUBG Mobile

South America is more effortless with an easy server even than KRJP in PUBG Mobile. In a South America server you will get a bot easily but not too often.

If you are a beginner in PUBG mobile games and want to increase your level and rank you can choose this server for it. Players can get easily lots of kills with chicken dinner. South America is another best server in PUBG Mobile game.

Which Is The Best Region For PUBG Mobile Game?

After a long discussion or debate about the best region for PUBG mobile. There are 3 best regions America, India, and Turkey to choose from where you will get the earliest update with lots of complementary rewards and rewards missions.

Which PUBG Region Provides Best Rewards?

In Crate opening and even with the free rewards KRJP means the Korean version is the best in all of the provides best free rewards and skins.

Even if you are opening a crate of spending UC for any rare stuff like Legendary, mythic skins outfits, guns, etc in PUBG then you will get easily without spending more UC or crates in the KRJP version of PUBG mobile.

Best Server For PUBG Mobile Game’s Crate Opening

Use these servers to get more exclusive limited periods outfits, skins, and many more. 

  • Thailand
  • Macau
  • Kuwait
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Mexico
  • USA
  • Europe
  • Germany

These are the names of the PUBG best servers for crate opening. Go and get legendary and mythic outfits, it will help you to make a great inventory without spending too much crates and UC.

Is There Any Further Verison Available Of PUBG Mobile To Play In Best Server?

  • Global Version – In the Global version, you can play all over the world without any interruption, and in the Global version, you will get a specific server according to your country. To know more about countries take a look above.
  • KRJP (in Korea and Japan) – KRJP version is made explicitly for Korea and Japan but you can this version.
  • VN (Vietnam) – VN version is specially made for Vietnam
  • TW (Taiwan) – TW version for Taiwan individuals
  • Game for Peace (China) -This version is made for china country as we all know that China always uses their products and other stuff.
  • BGMI (Indian version) – Battleground Mobile of India was made recently for Indians, as this is true 60% to 70% of India’s people were playing the Global version. But after got the Global version got banned in India this version was made separately for Indian players.

Best Fast PUBG VPN


Here I mentioned the list of best fast PUBG VPN which can help you to know the best VPN for PUBG so you can easily play your favorite PUBG Mobile from anywhere without any lag.

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • SurfShark
  • CyberGhost
  • PureVPN


NordVPN is the best VPN ever because it doesn’t track or record your online data. It also makes secure your all information from third parties like Hackers, or cybercriminals, With the use of NordVPN users, are able to unblock all geo-restricted gaming sites from anywhere without any limitations. In NordVPN users also get a huge server and great speed to access anything.

With the use of the NordVPN Promo Code, you can easily buy it at an affordable cost with lots of savings. It is also the best VPN for PUBG lite so you can easily play your favorite game without any lag or interruption.


ExpressVPN is the World’s most used VPN for gaming purposes and It gives you ultra-fast servers in 94+ countries with fast speed. you will get more specific features for games. With the help of it you can easily Unblock PUBG all around the world without any issues. 

ExpressVPN is also the best VPN for Mobile Legends and it helps you to play this game from any region.

With the help of ExpressVPN YouTuber Codes, you can easily access it at a low budget. Even ExpressVPN Student code is also available that helps the student to make the purchase easily with massive discount.


SurfShark is the best affordable VPN with all great facilities and a huge server, 

It gives you unlimited connection so you can able to connect to unlimited devices at a time like iOS, Linux, Android, Windows, macOS etc.


CyberGhost Offers fast connections with unlimited bandwidth and you for more stuff with the game. CyberGhost is the best VPN For PUBG Mobile and you can easily play your favorite PUBG everywhere without facing any issues. CyberGhost also allows you to hide your real Identity from the ISPs.


PureVPN gives you a Secure way to play various games on the internet. It can protect your details or data when you play the game. With the use of PureVPN, you can easily switch your IP address and can also connect with another country’s servers without any fuss.

You can use these fast PUBG VPNs, and these VPN provides the best server for PUBG Mobile Game. PureVPN coupon code is also available that helps you to get an exclusive discount on the first purchase of it at an affordable cost.

How Many Easiest Servers Does PUBG Mobile Have?

PUBG Mobile has two easiest servers Middle East and KRJP for casual gameplay or if you want to learn by easy sever you can choose any of them. You will get easily chicken dinner with good kills.

Which Is The Best PUBG Server To Play?

You can choose any server to play PUBG and you will get difficulty as your rank will increase. Then, You can select the Asia server, and here you will get and learn from each game. Even there you have a chance to play a game in a match with any YouTuber, although all famous and great YouTubers also play on the Asia server.

Which Is The Most Used Server In PUBG Game?

Asia server is the most used and the best server for PUBG because It provides low ping with competitive enemies. You will get learn from each game of Yours.

Which Is The Best Time For Rank Push In PUBG?

Start Rank push as soon as possible and play safe as much as you can you have to take chicken dinner too. All rank pushers are waiting for a season you have to play with a plan or strategy and just keep moving towards your goal by playing most.

Which Is The Best Hot-Drop Place In PUBG Mobile Game?

The all-time hot-drop place is Pochinki, you will get at least 2 to 3 squads there, even though the planned path is way far from it. So if you want to get more kills or rush gameplay, you can visit the plan path places or the Pochinki.

Which Map Is Favourite Or Most Used In PUBG Game?

The first map of the PUBG game is Erangle the most used and all-time Favourite map in the PUBG game.

Is Middle East Server Easy In PUBG Game?

Yes, the Middle East server is easy in PUBG because the players of the middle east server are on the low tier and that makes it easy for other server players. Although as I mentioned above once you reach high tier rank in any server it will become harder to play.