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20 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites in 2024 [Revealed]

Best Torrent Search Engine

Torrent search engines are the most useful thing right now. Because if we talk about the present moment then there are tons of torrent search engines available. But the question is how you can know which one is perfect for you. So here we provide the best torrent search engines that help you the most. 

Torrent search engines help users to get their desired software, movies, music, or anything in just a few clicks. Other than that there are lots of torrent search engines that provide tests, research papers, data sets, lectures, etc. This helps the various educators and students to share their resources with the world.

Advantages of Best Torrent Search Engines 

There are lots of direct advantages of torrent search engines like

  • Easily availability
  • You can pause/resume the download at any time 
  • Worldwide Accessible
  • Customizable downloading. (you can choose which file you want to download first)
  • Downloading speed is more than normal downloading. 

You can straightaway enjoy all these advantages by using the best torrent search engines.

Why You Should Use VPN While Surfing Torrent Search Engine?

No doubt torrent search engines have lots of advantages and plus points. It helps us like no one other can do. But we also can’t ignore that it also has some disadvantages that we have to deal with.

The most common issue with torrent search engines is security problems. There are lots of best torrent search engines that contain malicious scripts that are auto-enabled and these scripts are very harmful to the users.

Other than that most torrent search engine shows various types of ads. Some of them are not appropriate for users and this thing ruins the complete user experience.

But Both these problems can be solved by the use VPN. In our recommendation, you should use NordVPN. Because it can easily handle every kind of malicious script and bots and it also has the best quality ad-blocker. That can block all the ads easily and enhance your user experience.

So if your first priority is your safety then you should definitely use NordVPN. You can also get NordVPN with a huge discount by using its NordVPN coupon code. It will make your deal very affordable for you.

Top 20 Torrent Search Engines You Should Try

 These are the best search engines that are used by most people. Our testing team also tries all search engines use and that’s why we suggest all these greatest torrent search engines. 

#1 – [Top Search Engine for Torrenting]

Whenever we talk about the best torrent search engines always comes first in this list. With 61 million torrents it becomes unbeatable amongst all the torrent search engines. 

It can fulfill all the requirements of its users. This simply means you can use this torrent search engine for android, windows, or IOS. is the second part or we can say iteration of the site Even though the site is new, it easily outperforms all its competitors and becomes the number 1 search engine.

#2 ThePirateBay – [Greatest Torrent Search Engine of All Time]

It is the most flexible torrent search engine. ThePirateBay search engine was developed in 2003 and after that, it running successfully till date. If your only goal is to use the best torrent search engine then it can not disappoint you.

The only limitation of ThePirateBay search engine is that this website display some adult or inappropriate advertisements. So it is recommended to use an ad-blocker when you surf this website.

You can also use NordVPN for additional security. It has a built-in ad-blocker that blocks all the advertisements of ThePirateBay. NordVPN offers different-2 plans like NordVPN 1-year deal, NordVPN 2-year deal, etc. You can choose one of them according to your need.

#3 XtorX – [Most Simple Torrent Search Engine]

XtorX is the real king of the best torrent search engines. It has all the things that made a search engine number 1. 

XtorX has a user-friendly interface. This means everyone can use it easily without any hesitation. Other than that Xtor is also very famous because of its super fast speed.

You just need to enter the search term and press the enter button after that within a second it’ll show you the results related to that query. XtorX made all its operations very simple.

XtorX is free from any adult or inappropriate advertisements. You don’t need any ad blocker to access this site.

#4 RARBG – [Finest Torrent Search Engine]

This search engine is mostly used for movies, software, music, etc. This simply indicates that it can be the final spot for you to get your desired software, movies, music, etc. 

RARBG has millions of traffic on his site every month. This best torrent search engine is very popular among torrent users. 

The one thing that irritates you on this site is its new tab ads that open up every single time when you click. So if you are worried about your safety then you can also use VPN so that anyone can not track your location.

In our recommendation, you have to use NordVPN. Because it is a multipurpose VPN, you can use it on any device or for any purpose. NordVPN can protect your digital identity from various online threats like hackers, online attackers, malicious scripts, etc.  It is the best android VPN.

#5 Veoble – [Most Customized Torrent Search Engine]

Veoble is the most customized and flexible torrent search engine. It provides various features that no one else offers in the market. The best feature of the Veoble torrent search engine is that it allows you to filter your search results. This helps the users to get more refined and accurate search results.

Veoble is not like other torrent search engines. It goes deep down in results and works hard to fulfill the user’s requirement. In Veoble you can include or exclude some specific torrent sites. Even you can sort the results in 7 languages and other than that you can also see newer files relevant files first.

But Veoble has various ads that ruin your torrenting experience and maybe it is harmful to your safety. So if you are going to use this best torrent search engine then use a decent quality VPN (NordVPN) service.

#6 ExtraTorrent – [Most Reliable Torrent Search Engine]

ExtraTorrent is the leading torrent search engine in the market. It is a very famous search engine among users. Using the ExtraTorrent search engine you can easily download software, movies, apps, wallpapers, web series, songs, etc. 

It also provides premium courses from Lynda, Udemy, and many more online learning platforms for free. Here you can also interact with the torrent community. You can request new torrents that are not available and also suggest changes that you think are right.

#7 Snowfl – [Best Torrent Search Engine For Android]

The biggest advantage of this best torrent search engine is that it can not distract the user by any means. There are very minimum ads on the site. When you visit the site, you will see a search field at the top of the homepage, and the results are shown below down.

Snowfl torrent search engine is a little bit confusing for first-time users but once you understand its process then it feels like a game. 

The working of Snowfl is very simple, it uses a custom google search, which looks for torrent sites only. When you enter a search term after that you will the list of desired search results 

#8 YTS.AG – [Leading Torrent Search Engine]

YTS.AG is a very popular torrent search engine because of its amazing movie collections. It is very similar to some streaming platforms like Hulu or Netflix. 

It is the best torrent search engine for you if your only goal is to download movies and web series. YTS.AG  provides all the content in HD and FHD quality like 720p and 1080p. 

In YTS.AG you will not face any problems regarding advertisements or any kind of hacking scripts. But if you want extra safety then you can also use NordVPN which provides an extra layer of security. You can also use this VPN for Mobile Legends, because this is one of the best VPN for gaming.

#9 – [Best Search Engine For Torrenting]

This torrent search engine is not like other engines. If you want to try something new or more advanced then you definitely have to use One of the big reasons behind this site’s popularity is its interface.

This site provides millions of torrents from all around the world. Even you can easily search for your desired thing in multiple categories and subcategories. All these things made the best torrent search engine. 

You can also use this torrent search engine for android, windows, IOS, or Mac. 

#10 Lime Torrents – [Most Simple Search Engine For Torrenting]

Lime Torrents claims that you can download the verified torrents on their site. This means here you don’t need to worry about your safety and security. But still, if you have any doubt or you don’t want to take any chance then you have to use NordVPN. Its auto ad blocker can block all malicious ads and provides a healthy environment to surf.

It also completely changes its user interface and now they make it very simple and clear. The extra information is removed. But if we talk about its database then it has the biggest torrents database from where you can download movies, software, music, and much more.

We can easily say that Lime Torrents is one of the best torrent search engines for movies.

#11 Zooqle – [Best Torrent Search Engine For Movies]

Zooqle is the finest torrent search engine available in the market. Here you’ll get all the latest and most popular movies, web series, and music. It looks like a media streaming website.

Zooqle site is completely covered by images. It also has a search bar on its home page. On Zooqle’s home page you’ll also see popular categories, with the help of that you can easily choose your favorite item.

It is one of the best search engine for torrenting TV shows, movies, and songs. 

#12 Monova – [Best Torrent Search Engine For Music]

Monova was a very popular torrent search engine because of its neat and clean design. It was liked by various people. But it has a huge number of pop-up ads. That ruins your surfing experience and it also leads to some security issues.

For protecting you from various unknown online threats we recommend you to use NordVPN. It prevents you from several online attacks, viruses, and hackers. NordVPN has an auto ad blocker that blocks all the ads automatically.

Honestly speaking Monova is not the great website to go, you can use various alternate search engines for torrenting.

#13 TorrentHounds – [Advanced Search Engine For Torrenting]

TorrentHounds is a very old torrent search engine and that’s why it is attacked by various law enforcement agencies for different-2 reasons. But if we talk about present moment then this website is now shifting to new digital channels.  

It is one of the biggest providers of movies, music, software, books, and many more things.  

So if you also want your entertainment dose then you can also visit TorrentHounds search engine. 

It is very easy to use and simple site, but we always give high priority to security. So here we recommend you to use VPN (NordVPN) while surfing this site.

#14 TorrentSeeker – [Fastest Torrent Search Engine]

If you are in hurry and you want to find some files on torrent then TorrentSeeker is the best torrent search engine for you. Because TorrentSeeker is well known for its super fast speed.

TorrentSeeker is also very famous because of its design. This site looks like a perfect search engine. TorrentSeeker connection speed is very good.

It is the best place to find all the latest and most popular movies, web stories, TV shows, books, software, etc. This is the main reason why TorrentSeeker is the best torrent search engine for windows.

#15 AcademicTorrents – [Best Torrent Search Engine For Books]

AcademicTorrents is not like the other torrent search engines. It is mainly used to download research papers, notes, question papers, model papers, etc. Basically, the AcademicTorrents search engine is for students, working professionals, or professors.

It is the joint project of the two most popular universities which are the University of Michigan and the University of Texas. The main reason behind this project is to build a distributed system that allows all the people to share their resources with each other. 

So if you are a student or professor or you want to share or access some datasets then you should definitely visit this site. 

#16 CiniSearch – [Finest Torrent Search Engine For TV Shows]

CiniSearch is a decent torrent search engine. It is mostly used for downloading movies and TV shows. CiniSearch uses a Google API to fetch the results from SERPs.

The user interface of CiniSearch is very easy to use. All types of users can use it easily. But CiniSearch also shows various ads on their site. So if you are going to surf CiniSearch torrent search engine then it is recommended to use the best quality VPN (NordVPN). It will take care of your safety and security.

#17 AIO Search – [Best Torrent Search Engine For PC]

AIO Search is the greatest torrent search engine in terms of user-friendliness. In this thing, there is no competition of it. It also provides some other features like including or excluding specific torrent sites. 

The best part about the AIO search torrent search engine is that it tries to produce the most accurate results so that the user will satisfy with its results. The process of searching and showing results takes less than a second. 

This is the main reason why AIO Search is the best torrent search engine for music.

#18 Toorgle – [Top Most Torrent Search Engine]

Toorgle uses the google API to find torrents in SERPs, after collecting the result it will show the listed results in front of users. Toorgle works very well all around the world. 

Its speed and stability is the key point of the Toorgle torrent search engine. In terms of entertainment Toorgle never disappoint you. It has a huge collection of the latest movies, web series, reality shows, and TV shows. 

All these things make Toorgle the best torrent search engine. 

#19 BitTorrent Database – [Most Secure Search Engine For Torrenting]

BitTorrent Database is the cleanest and most efficient search engine for torrenting. It has the largest collection of resources like movies, books, games, apps, software, etc. 

It is also the best torrent site for people who want a simple interface. You can easily search query and it will show you tons of results. BitTorrent Database also provides magnet links as well. 

BitTorrent has one of the best search results filters based on relevance, size, files, timing, and popularity. These are some advanced features that can not offer by any torrent search engine.

#20 ISOHunt – [Most Efficient Torrent Search Engine]

ISOHunt is a popular site because of its super interactive interface. It is one of the most user-friendly torrent search engines. ISOHunt site has very less advertisements which are very good for the users. 

But if you are very serious about your safety and security then you can also use NordVPN. It will protect you from all kinds of viruses, hackers, snoopers, online attackers, etc. You can also use NordVPN on any device. This means it is the best VPN for Android, Windows, IOS, Mac, etc.

ISOHunt torrent search engine has lots of advanced features that make it the best-in-class search engine for torrenting.

What is the safest torrent search engine website?

Honestly speaking all the torrent sites can show some kind of advertisements. So if you want to be safe from those ads, then in our opinion you should definitely use VPN to become safe. Our recommendation is NordVPN. 

What is the most reliable torrent search engine?

There are lots of reliable search engines available for torrenting like, ThePirateBay, and TorrentSeeker.