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Top 20 Best Torrent Sites For TV Shows 2024 [100% Working]

Best Torrent Sites For Tv Show

Are you searching for the best Torrent sites for TV Shows in 2024? Then You come to the right place here we are providing the top 20 Best TV Shows Torrent Sites. 

The Torrent site is a great source for watching the latest Movie, Shows, Web Series, and TV Shows for free. But did you know, Torrent Websites are illegal, and not safe to use and It is also difficult to find out a good website for Torrenting on Search Engines?

To find the best Torrent websites for watching TV serials, we have reviewed a lot of the articles or websites and found the 20 Best Torrent sites for TV shows and serials.

If you use Torrent sites for Tv Show, Movies, and Web series, Then You need to use a VPN that can help you to download the movies without showing your IP address and provides online Security Wifi Protection, and many more Features.

Fact:- You Know About the fact that Downloading content from torrenting websites is illegal and also a punishable offense under the Copyright Act 1957 Section 53.

Best Torrent Sites For TV Shows 2024

Best Torrenting Sites For Tv Shows
  1. The Pirate Bay: #1 Largest Torrent Sites For TV Shows
  2. RARBG: Provides TV Shows Torrent Files
  3. 1337X: 3rd Most Popular Website For Torrenting
  4. Torrent z2: Popular Search Engine For Torrenting
  5. EZTV: Easily Download TV shows and Movies 
  6. Torlock: Torrent TV Shows and Movies 
  7. Idope: Open Torrent Websites
  8. Extratorent: Online Digital Content  library  provides TV show
  9. Lime Torrent: Famous Sites To Watch & download TV shows.
  10. BullMask: Search engine for Torrent Websites.
  11. YTS: Best Torrent site for Download & Watch HD Movies. 
  12. Zooqle: Torrent sites offer Torrent TV shows, Images & many more.
  13. IPTorrents: site’s Main Focus is the latest Movies & TV Show
  14. Demonoid: Best Torrentig sites offer File sharing discussion. 
  15. Nyaa. si: Assam Best Websites For Torrenting
  16. Kickass Torrents: WebSite provides a Directory for Torrent Files.
  17. Torrent Galaxy: It is the alternative torrent site of Extratorrent.
  18. Torrent 9: French TV Shows Torrent Website
  19. website Known for Download High-Quality Tv Shows.
  20. Best Torrent site for Tv Shows or anime

Best Torrent Websites for TV Shows Available in 2024

These listed Top 20 Best Torrent Sites for Tv shows 2024, help you to watch and download your Favorite TV Show, Movies, and web series for Free.  

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the most popular #1 Torrenting site for Watching and Downloading TV Show, Movies, Web Series, and many more. It is the Largest Library for Downloading and Watching movies Where more than a million Content are available. 

TV show torrent site Pirate Bay was Founded in September 2003 in Swedish by an anti-Copyright organization. Pirate Bay is one of the oldest Torrent’s Best Websites for TV shows, web series, and many more.

The Pirate Bay website has many advantages like its easy-to-find Fastest downloading Speed, movies, Tv series, Movies, Web Series, and many more.

The Pirate Bay allows users to search for downloads and contribute to torrent files. Pirate bay websites are maybe Blocked in some Countries that’s why you need to use a VPN while using these Torrent Websites For TV Show.

But the pirate bay website does not work in many countries that’s why while using these sites you can use NordVPN to get access to the site in your country.


RARBG, TV show torrent Websites provide Peer to Peer File Sharing Connections to users for Downloading Movies, Web Series, and many more for free. RARBG site is most Famous for its New Content. On these Websites, New content is posted on a regular basis that’s why they keep updated on new TV shows.

RARBG Website was founded in 2008. It is legally banned in many regions such as China, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and many more countries where People are not able to access this site.

Buth With the help of a VPN you can able to get the Acces to RARBG in blocked countries. The VPN provides access to multiple features like masking your IP Address, Multiple server location access, and many more features.

On the RARBG torrent TV serial site, you are able to get the list of Best TV shows, Free to use and Download, Multiple games apps, and Tv serials available for Download and watching, etc.

The RARBG site found the best Torrent sites 2024 for TV series or Show, Movies, Web series, many more, etc.

RARBG’s best torrent sites for TV Show provides you safety from bots because when you go to this website you need to fill captcha that provides an extra layer of security.


1337X is the Best Torrent Sites for TV Serials, web series, Movies, and many more. It was Founded in 2007 but they become popular in 2016 also in the same year 1337X website is banned in Google Search Console and query. According to Research, this is the third largest website for torrenting.

But 1337Xcom comes again with a new domain name 1337xis. It provides a clean interface for Downloading the Torrent Tv Show. It contains very few ads that provide the best user interface and experience for downloading Torrenting movies and web series.

1337x also provides access to Download Torrent TV Serial, Movies, Anime, Games, Documation, and many more, etc for free.  

The 1337x torrent is Best Torrent site for Tv Show, Movies, Tv Serials, and many more. But downloading things from these sites is illegal or not safe to use.

Torrent z2

Torrent z2 is founded by Flippy in 2003 in Finland but Torrentz2 Website is now a world-famous website for Torrenting. On these Websites, You can able to watch movies and more for free and even you can also able to download movies, web series, tv shows, etc.

Torrentz2 is also working as the best search engine for Finding Torrenting Movies, web series, Tv Serail, and Many More. Torrentz2 Site Provides Multiple Sources For Downloading Torrent Movies, Tv Serials, etc.

Torrentz2 has been banned in Many locations in India, the United Kingdom, Finland, Ethiopia, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, etc. Torrentz2 best torrent for series that has a lot of popups and ads come on websites that make torrent z2 website’s user experience and interface bad.

Torrentz2 Always Becomes the top choice for Original size Music Content. You can filter the Music by Artist, Album, and song on the website and this feature makes it site the best Torrenting website for Downloading Songs.


EZTV is the Best Torrent site for downloading TV Shows and is the most popular in the world for its Latest Movies, Web Series, etc.  

In April 2015  the EZTV domain name was acquired by EZCLOUD LIMITED after the acquisition they found most of the data is encrypted and lost. The Popular Torrent sites for tv show and series are going down and other websites at the top like- Toorgle, Seedpeer, etc. 

Now EZTV has live shows with multiple TV Show, Web series, many more, etc. It is known for the Best Quality content in Movies, Tv Serials, and many more.

The EZTV has been banned in many locations like- Italy, Australia, Indonesia, Ireland, Argentina, Sweden, Bulgaria, the US, the UK, and Denmark. 

But if you want to access ETZV, then you need to use the VPN that offers you access to Multiple servers for EZTV.

On EZTV approximately 20 Million Visitors come on a Monthly Basis which shows that the EZTV website is the best torrent website for Downloading Torrent Tv Shows and Many More.  


Torlock is one of the popular torrent Websites for Download Torrent Tv Shows, Movies Web series, etc. Torlock is the best Website for Latest torrent Tv Show and if you are concerned about safety while downloading the tv show and movies you can use the Torlock sites for Torrenting. 

Torlock Website is Blocked in Many Countries Like the UK, INDIA, Australia, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Netherland, and Portugal. If you use the Torlock sites to Download Best Torrent Tv Show then it is the best website for it. 

Torlock website Pays its users almost $1 whenever a fake torrent is reported. These Features Make this website different and make them a safe website for downloading TV series, Movies, and many more.

Torlock’s Website interface is very good you can easily Download and search for Movies, web series, Tv serials, etc. But these websites are illegal to use because these websites are providing Copyright Content.  

If you want to use these websites then you need to use the VPN because it masks your IP address, Provides access to multiple servers, and many more Features. NordVPN is the most recommended and best VPN that provides you access to more than 90 Servers, Dedicated IP addresses, No Logs  Policy, etc. 


Download Torrent Tv Shows IDOPE

Idope is the easy-to-use Best Torrent site for Television Shows and Movies. Idope is an Open Torrent index site where numerous movies and torrent website links are available. User comes and searches for the best torrent Tv show and Idope help to show the result.

Idope is Work like a Search engine where user search for Movies and Tv show they Provides result related to them.

In Idope Websites Found that there are Numerous Pop-up ads coming that affect the user interface and experience. We have also found that the Idope website is a ban in many locations like the USA and Many More. 

For Blocking the Ads and Accessing the idope website in a banned location you can use the VPN. VPN can give you features like Ad Blocking, Malware Protection, Multiple server Location access, and many features. That might help to get access to the Torrent website and Download the movies easily.


ExtraTorent is a reliable source for downloading and watching Movies, Serials, and web series. On this Website, Almost a Million users Come on Daily Basis. ExtraTorrent no longer exists, it was replaced by many Extratorrent Proxy and many mirror sites.

ExtraTorent was founded in 2006 and it has become the most trusted and reliable source for downloading and watching torrent Tv Shows. There were millions of films, Tv shows, and e-books available on the ExtraTorent site and millions of visitors come every month. 

Extra Torrent Sites are illegal and not safe to use for downloading and Watching, movies or TV Serial. And If you download the movies and Tv Series then they may be a chance of coming Viruses With these files. 

You can need to use the VPN while Downloading the Files from these sites. With the help of a VPN, you can easily download Torrent Tv Shows and Movies Without Showing your IP address.

Lime Torrent

LimeTorrent is the best torrent site for Tv Show Download. It was founded in  2009. The LimeTorrent was banned in many locations: India, France, Australia, UK, Spain, Netherlands, UAE, Portugal, and Denmark.

LimeTorent Website Provides You access to Downloading Movies. TV Shows, Music, Anime and even you can Download Games and apps from these Torrent Sites. The one key Features of this site is the Instant Support Download which makes LimeTorrent website unique from others. 

LimeTorrent is the Largest Library with more than 10 Million movies and tv series available and attracts approximately 20 Million+ users come every year. 

LimeTorrent’s website is expanding itself on a regular basis by uploading new movies, Tv Series, and many more. LimeTorrent Sites for Tv Show and movies add the new official Domain to their list that 

Lime Torrent Websites also have some drawbacks like it is banned in many countries and illegal to use these sites. You can use the VPN for Downloading TV series from these Torrenting sites. 

NordVPN is the most recommended VPN for Torrenting that Provides You access to Multiple Features like Access to More Than 90 Servers, A No Logs Policy, Dedicated IP servers, etc. 


YTS is another Torrenting Website for Movies and Tv series, On the YTS website more than 15,432 Movies and Tv series are Available but all are almost in HD quality. YTS website also provides Screen Shots and Trailers of  Torrent Movies and Tv series.

YTS is Founded in 2011 that Provides free Torrenting Movies for Downloading. According to the Many Article more than 70 Million Users worldwide of YTS. YTS is also Banned in many Locations some are:-Brazil, Belgaum, Norway, Finland, Iran, Greece, India, Pakistan, etc.

YTS is Mostly used for Downloading Movies with high-quality picture Content. From this site, you can able to review the IMDB score of Movies., Tv serials, and more on single

The YTS websites are good for Downloading torrent Movies and web series etc. But on these websites, multiple Ads are coming that unfortunately redirect you to different pages that may harm your devices. 

For Blocking the Ads You need to use a VPN software that comes with Malware Protection, Ad blocking, Block location all these features. That Protect Your Devices From any harm and help you to safely Download or watch movies, and Tv Show.


The BulllMask is the best Torrent Search engine That gives you with a list of the Download links when you search for a Specific Tv Show. In BullMask Torrent Search Engine, You can also obtain the checklist of all the Top 10 Best Torrent Tv Shows and many more that you want to download.

The BullMask is a Excellent Search Engine for finding Torrent Movies, Tv Shows, and many more but using this site is illegal and not safe to use.

BullMask Torrent search engine contains Multiple Ads that are coming on it. The ads redirect you to another page that might not be safe for use you can use the VPN to Block the Ads. 

BullMask website is also not safe to install the Torrent Tv Show because they give some unwanted links that are not good for us and may harm your systems.

You can use the VPN for Blocking ads, Making Your IP address, and Many Features that can Increase Your Privacy Security. But we have not recommended using the BullMask Type of Website.


Zooqle is the best Torrenting site for Tv Show that Provides you with a good Interface With Multiple Tv Shows, Movies, and Many More. Zooqle is Founded in 2013 by the Library of  Torrent Movies, Games, Tv Show, E-Books, etc.

Zooqle worked in all countries and Provides instant Download Support to its users. There were active More than 5 Million Visitors a Month and also have Active Community that makes the zooqle site Fast and the best.

The zooqle torrent site for tv shows has not found any official website that helps us to download Torrent movies and Tv Show. Its original site name that provides most of the links for downloading torrent tv shows where some links are not working properly.

According to Our research, we conclude that Zooqle has not existed now but you can use the Sisters site or Alternatives site of Zooqle like- The Pirate Bay, Eztv, YTS, etc.


IPTorrents is the best Private Torrenting site for Tv Show, Downloading Movies, Web series, and more but you need to Pay some donations to access the IPTorrent site. This site is safe and Provides the fastest speed for Downloading and watching Tv Show, Movies, and many more.

The IPTorrent is blocked in UK, Australia, and Norway locations but with the use of a VPN, you can easily access to the IPTorrent site in banned locations. 

On IPTorrent Website, there were no ads coming and provides private security to the users. IPTorrent website is safer than compared to other websites.

IPTorrent Website found the only disadvantage of the website is that it takes a $ 20 Donation For use which is Very high. Without the donation, you are not able to access it. 


Demonoid is the best Torrent site for downloading Tv series that was founded in 2003. The Demonoid website was banned in many locations like- China, Taiwan, Italy, Ukraine, India, UK, Brazi, Netherlands, Brazi, and Iran. 

But with The help, You can access the VPN in all these Banned Locations. The Demonoid 

Provide Instant Download Support that helps you download things fastest and easiest.

Almost 10 Million users come on the Demonoid official Website and almost more than 1 million Torrent Files are available on these websites. From the Demonoid website, You can download almost all Torent Tv Show, Movies, games, Software, and many more.

The Demonoid Website has no ads coming and the best thing is you need to make an Account for downloading the Torrent Movies.

Nyaa. si is the best Torrent site for Tv Shows, Anime, or serials but from Nyaa. si site, you can also download games and software. founded in 2005 that provides the best quality Torrent Tv Show Anime.

Nyaa. si is banned in many locations like- the US, Japan, South Korea, and Australia but with help of a VPN, You can access the in a Banned Location.

Nyaa. si site has a good interface and user experience, but you may need to make an account while downloading content from these websites. website mostly concentrates on Asian Anime Tv show Content.

Kickass Torrents

The kickass Torrent site was founded by Artem Vaulin in 2008 and within a short time span, they become the most famous and best torrent site for Tv Show, movies download, watching web series, and many more. 

According to our research, you can not download the Files without their specific extension and that is not safe to use. But the Kickass Torrents website exists with other domain names and the Overall interface of the new kickass torrent website is also good.

Kickass Torrents provides torrent files to download Tv shows, Movies, and many more. From the kickass website, you can download torrent Tv shows and movies easily but the kickass torrent site is not recommended by ours. Because it is not safe to use.

Torrent Galaxy

Torrent Galaxy is the open community that provides you with all Pirated Content like- Tv Series, Movies, games, and many more things for free.

Torrent Galaxy’s site interface is very Neat and clean which Provides the best User Experience and good quality content to their user.

The Torrent Galaxy site interface is very good and attractive. On this website, almost all type of content is available except Pirated Software,

On the Torrent Galaxy website, basically, all web page is full of pop-up ads that shift you to the Unwanted web page which is not good for the user. For access, you might need to the ads Blocker VPN or you can use the alternative sites of Torrent Galaxy.

Torrent 9

Torrent 9 is one of the best Torrenting sites to download Tv Shows in Multiple Languages. These websites provide the most of Content in French Language But there is also Content available in English, Dutch, German, and many more languages.

Torrent 9 has Provide a Good interface to Download Torrent Tv Shows and Movies. Torrent 9 Website also Provides the filter, sort, and search option that can help to easily find your Tv Shows, E-books, PC Games, etc.

The official website of Torrent 9 website works in the french language but it can also be Used in Other languages. For Change your web Page language you need to click right on your mouse and go to Translate to English Then your webpage language is changed.

TorrentFunk. com

Torrent Funck. com is Known as Torrent Website that provides music, Tv shows, E-Books, Games, Software, and many more. 

 According to Many articles,’s website layout is very good and attractive and provides you search bar to find the movie according to your choice.

We have searched but we are not able to find the official page of the website. That’s why we conclude that the website is not existing in 2024. It may come back in a short period of time. 

Anidex. info is the best Torrent site for downloading series of Anime and Tv Show etc. website provides You with a search option for the top 10 anime of the week, Top 10 movies of the month, and many more categories. Site provides a lot of pop-up ads that transferred you to another webpage and installing speed of the anidex is also low. You can need to use the VPN for Blocking the ads and get the fastest speed of internet.  

To access the website you need to directly search “” in your search engine and it redirects you to the official websites of Where you can download the latest Anime, Tv Show, and much more Content for free.

Is Downloading The Tv Show and Movies From Torrent Websites Illegal?

Yes, Downloading Copyright content from Torrent Websites is illegal and it is also a punishable offense.

If you use Torrent Websites to Download Tv Shows and Movies then you need to use a VPN that can help you to mask your IP address, Malware Protection, and many more features that can provide you with an extra layer of security.

Note: We don’t recommend to use any to these torrent sites. As it is against the law.

How To Choose Best Torrent Sites for Downloading TV Shows?

Choosing the best Torrent Website for Tv Show downloading is not an easy task but we make some Criteria that might help to find the best Torrent Tv Show Sites:-

  • Big Library: Library Means the Number of Files For Downloading TV Show Available on the Paricluer Websites. The Big Library means that these websites have millions of content for download and are Updated Regularly.
  • Monthly Traffic: If any websites have millions of Traffic per month on website that means the website is providing great content for downloading a torrent TV show
  • Download Speed: The Many Torrent Website Downloading speed is very low but with the help, you can get the fastest speed on the Internet.
  • Few Ads: The site has a lot of ads comes to that turn you to another web page and ruin the user interface.

Disclaimer:- Please Note we do not recommend using any torrenting website. Using the Torrenrting websites is illegal or safe. We provide all the details only for educational purposes only and we don’t promote Torrenting sites for downloading TV Show. These websites are illegal that’s why not possible for us to provide the official link of the torrent sites there.

How To Choose The Best VPN For Downloading Torrent TV Shows?

Choose VPN For Torrent TV Shows

For choosing the Best VPN for downloading Torrent TV Show we have makes some criteria that may help to find the Best VPN for Torrenting:-

  • Ad Blocking  Features: Many websites Provide a lot of Ads that ruin the User interface and redirect you to the wrong web page. That’s why you need to purchase a VPN that has features of Ad Blocking.
  • Malware Protection:– When You download content from torrent sites then sometimes unwanted files also come that harm your Devices. The Malware Protection feature of VPN  can help you to protect yourself from unwanted file downloading.
  • Masking Your IP Address:- Masking Your IP address can help you to hide your IP address and provide you with another dedicated IP address. 
  • Fastest Speed of internet:- The VPN Provides you fastest Speed of internet that can help you to download content at a fast speed.
  • Multiple Server Location Acess:– The VPN provides you with Multiple server locations that help you to access the website which is banned in your location.

NordVPN is the best VPN that Provides all the features you can need to use for downloading tv series from torrent sites.

Which Torrenting Sites For Downloading TV Show is Fastest?

The Downloading speed of the TV shows & serials content depends on your internet speed, devices, and many more factors that affect the downloading speed of the Content. If you use good devices and then you facing a low speed of internet then you can use the VPN to get the fast speed of internet. 

Our Team has tried to find the fastest and best Torrent site for Downloading the Tv Show and we found that Pirate Bay, IP Torrent, and EZTV have Provided the fastest speed Torrent Tv series Download Files.

Is Safe to use VPN while Downloading TV Movies from Torrent Websites?

Using Torrent websites is illegal if you want to download TV Movies from Torrent sites then you can use a VPN. 

VPN provides you Multiple features to users like the fastest Network Speed, Masking your IP address, and many more that might provide an extra layer of security.  

Can I use Free VPN to access the Torrent sites to download the Movies?

We can’t recommend using the free VPN to access the Torrent Sites for Tv Show, Serials, and even for watching Movies. Because the free VPN Provides a limited Solution to the user that might be not sufficient for Torrent sites. 

You can use the NordVPN 3 Year Plan that Provide the access to more than 90 Servers, Mask your IP address, and many more features that might be the best option for VPN for Torrenting.

What are Legal Alternatives for Best Torrent Sites to Watch TV Show & Movies?

Torrent TV Show Legal Alternatives

There are a lot of Legal Alternatives to Best Torrent Sites for Tv shows that might help you to watch movies without ads. You can also download the movies in an offline section of that platform.

The following is the list of the alternatives Sites of Torrent Tv Show:-

  • Hotstar  – 
  • PrimeVideo 
  • Netflix
  • Youtube(Free but contain Ads)
  • Legit Torrent (Free)
  • Public Domain Torrent (Free)
  • Internet Archive(Free)
  • Vodo (Free)
  • Vuze StudioHD Network (Free)

This is the list of the Best Torrent sites for Tv Show, Download and watches Movie, and Tv Show but some platforms are paid and some are free.  

Conclusion:- After reviewing the whole website we conclude that using Torrent sites for Tv show downloads is illegal and not safe to use. But if still want to use at your own risk to Download the Torrent Tv show then you may use VPN that masks your IP address and provides you with Multiple features.