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5 Best Bilibili VPN 2024 [Unblock & Stream Bilibili Outside China]

Bilibili VPN

There is no doubt that Bilibili is one of the most popular video-sharing and streaming platforms in China. It has an enormous amount of content available with 100 million active users which means it has users outside of China also. However, due to geo-restrictions, it is not available in every country which is why you might require a Bilibili VPN.

If you have been looking for a perfect VPN to access Bilibili for a long time then your wait is over here. Because here we have come up with the best VPN for Bilibili that can allow you to access China’s most famous video-sharing site.

Top 5 Best Bilibili VPN In 2024

There are various VPN brands available in the market that you can use to access BiliBilli easily. Out of them, we have handpicked some of the top Bili Bili VPNs that are as follows:

Top 5 VPN for Bilibili
  • NordVPN: Best VPN For Bilibili
  • ExpressVPN: Fastest BilibiliVPN With Great Security
  • CyberGhost VPN: Affordable VPN To Stream Bilibili
  • Surfshark VPN: Unblock Bilibili Anywhere
  • IPVanish VPN: Secure VPN With Bilibili

These are our top picks to unblock and stream Bilibili platform by using a VPN. Now let’s know about them briefly to choose one of the best to stream on Bilibili.

NordVPN – Best #1 VPN With Bilibili

When the matter comes to accessing Bilibili through a reliable VPN then NordVPN is always seen on the top list. It is well known as the best Bilibili VPN worldwide as NordVPN works in China. Just by adding NordVPN extension to Chrome, you can easily access Bilibili in any place where it is restricted.

nordvpn logo
Get NordVPN To Access Bilibili
Purchase NordVPN subscription for Bilibili and enjoy streaming at affordable prices.
Purchase NordVPN subscription for Bilibili and enjoy streaming at affordable prices. Show Less

Features Of NordVPN To Stream Bilibili:

  • It has over 5500 servers in around 60 Countries.
  • Works With Bilibili and any other streaming sites like NetFlix and amazon prime.
  • 6- Devices connection simultaneously.
  • Strict No log policy.
  • Always active customer support.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Provide Threat Protection.
  • Stream Bilibili with no interruptions.
  • Stay secure all time.

These are the top features that you can get with NordVPN. The security of NordVPN is at the top level with 256-bit encryption and protection against DNS so that you can access Bilibili easily. So Get this VPN for Bilibili and save up to 64% off with a $5.89/mo* with NordVPN coupon code.

ExpressVPN – Fastest Bilibili VPN With Top-Notch Security

ExpressVPN has more than 3,000 high-speed servers in 94 countries which allows you to unblock Bilibili in restricted places. Through ExpressVPN you can stream Bilibili at superfast speed without buffering the videos. That is why it is considered to be one of the fastest VPN for Bilibili.

ExpressVPN Coupon Code
Buy ExpressVPN For Bilibili
Stream and access Bilibili outside China by getting an ExpressVPN subscription.
Stream and access Bilibili outside China by getting an ExpressVPN subscription. Show Less

Features Of ExpressVPN For Bilibili:

  • Fastest Servers in 94 countries.
  • Great Encryption, Privacy, and security features.
  • Strict no log policy.
  • High-speed servers for downloading and video streaming with Bilibili.
  • IP address masking.
  • Works on every device.
  • Threat manager.
  • Private DNS.
  • VPN Split tunneling.
  • Public WI-FI safety.
  • Active Customer Support 24/7.

There are the all above reason that makes ExpressVPN a fast-speed Bilibili VPN. If you get ExpressVPN promo code then you can save up to 49% off and access Bilibili safely anywhere.

If you want ExpressVPN for the long term then you can go with the use of ExpressVPN 15 months deal that helps you to get up to 49% off only at $6.67 per month.

CyberGhost VPN: Cheapest VPN To Stream Bilibili

If you are a beginner and looking for the best VPN for Bilibili in your budget then CyberGhost is the perfect one for you. It has a large number of servers as compared to any other BilibiliVPN available in the market. CyberGhost is the fastest and most demandable to unblock Bilibili at restricted places.

Features Of CyberGhost Bilibili VPN:

  • 7000+ servers in 90 countries worldwide.
  • Best Compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS devices.
  • 24 hours live chat.
  • Strong Connectivity while streaming Bilibli.
  • Fastest Speeds.
  • CyberGhost makes sure that no one can track your IP & location and gives you a secure connection.
  • Stream Bilibili from anywhere.
  • Keep No logs.
  • 24/7 always active customer support.
  • Keep your internet activity hidden from anyone watching.
  • Larger server fleet
  • Moneyback guarantee.

So there is no doubt that how much it reliable and most demandable VPN is for users. At this time CyberGhost VPN promo code is available with 82% off at the price of $2.29/mo. If you want to stream Bilibili without any annoying ads and glitches then use CyberGhost VPN.

SurfShark VPN – Unblock Bilibili From Anywhere

Surfshark VPN embraces your full security potential, protects your privacy, and unblocks Bilibili with the fastest VPN service. Bilibili is available in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast Asia. So, if you are outside of these places and want to access it then you have to use a VPN like SurfShark VPN. It allows you to unblock Bilibili easily in restricted places and gives you access to streaming this.

Surfshark VPN Features For Bilibili

  • It has 3200 fastest-speed servers available in 63 countries across the world.
  • It has the standard 256-bit AES encryption, Kill Switch, and DNS Leak Protection.
  • Use the internet uncensored with SurfShark VPN.
  • Access Bilibili anytime, anywhere with SurfShark VPN.
  • Stream Bilibili Pivately.
  • Connect and use all your family devices simultaneously without any issues.
  • Strict No log policy.
  • Best Kill switch.
  • Protect your precious privacy by changing your real IP.

These are the amazing features of Surfshark for Bilibili VPN. With these, you can access the Bilibili platform from anywhere outside China at lower prices with Surfshark discount code. Not only this, but it is also one of the best VPN to stream Oxygen TV and you can enjoy shows outside US with Surfshark.

IPVanish VPN – Fast, Dependable, and Secure With Bilibili

IPVanish provides a secure and fastest speed of networks while accessing Bilibili from anywhere. It will mask your real IP address so you can easily stream Bilibili outside China. Also, your personal information will be secure from third parties so you will have risk-free access to Bilibili.

ipvanish logo
IPVanish VPN For Bilibili
Get secure and fast Bilibili streaming with IPVanish VPN from anywhere outside China.
Get secure and fast Bilibili streaming with IPVanish VPN from anywhere outside China. Show Less

Features Of IPVanish VPN To Watch Bilibili

  • IPVanish has over 2,000+ servers in more than 75+ countries worldwide.
  • IPVanish gives Online Freedom while browsing the internet.
  • Keep your media consumption private and safely access the Bilibili.
  • Bilibili VPN For every device.
  • High-Speed Streaming Bilibili.
  • Unblock Bilibili from any place.
  • Verified No logs.
  • VPN kill switch.
  • SOCKS5 proxy.
  • Multiple connection protocols.

So get the IPVanish VPN for Bilibili and save up to 69% off at just 3.33/mo. Enjoy streaming on Bilibili with IPVanish lifetime subscription with fast and secure servers.

Do You Really Need Bilibili VPN? This Will Help You Decide!

If you want to access Bilibli and you live outside of China then you definitely need a BilibiliVPN when you access it. VPN Bilibili helps to access this online video platform easily and bypass the geo-restricted places where it is not allowed access.

Above providing VPNs list, NordVPN is one of the most demandable and affordable VPNs overall. In my opinion, also I use it then I feel that NordVPN is the best one for Bilibili. NordVPN’s newest feature protects you from ads, trackers, and malware attacks with 256-AES high encryption.

Is It Safe To Use Bilibili VPN?

Yes, using a VPN to watch Bilibili is safe to use. VPN for Bilibili is give you access to stream Bilibili outside of china and allows safe streaming also. Even a VPN gives you safe internet access and super smooth stream Bilibili.

Using a reliable virtual private network (VPN) like NordVPN can be a safe way to browse the internet on the daily basis. VPN security can protect you from IP and encrypt internet history and is increasingly being used to prevent snooping by government agencies.

Quick and Easy Guide For Setup VPN To Bilibili

After getting a VPN for Bilibili, users may get confused in setting it up. So here we have provided some simple steps that help to use Bilibli VPN easily – 

  • After getting a VPN like NordVPN, Install the VPN on your device.
  • Open your device settings.
  • Click on the Network & Internet.
  • Tap the VPN You want.
  • Enter username Or password.
  • Click on Connect to any servers (china server).

So that these are the so simple steps that help you to set up a Bilibili VPN easily. Once you are connected with china servers then you can enjoy a safe and high-speed streaming Bilibili.

Besides this, if you love to watch the latest movies, shows, and sports streaming sites then go for ThopTV VPN. This platform is best for binge-watching all the latest content easily.

Is Bilibili Banned?

No, Bilibili is not banned at this time. Bilibili is available in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast Asia. If you are outside of these places then you have to choose a reliable VPN to access Bilibili. With a VPN you can easily get access to Bilibili and stream smoothly.

Is There Any Free VPN For Bilibili?

Yes, there are lots of free Bilibili VPNs available in the marketplace. But we don’t recommend free VPNs to access Bilibili because of its poor Internet connectivity. Or you may also face issues like buffer while streaming Bilibili.

Free VPN doesn’t take responsibility for keeping safe your precious data and privacy and might sell your data for advertisements. So, I suggest you go for premium VPNs like ExpressVPN or NordVPN for secure Bilibili streaming.

Is Bilibili VPN Legal In the UK?

Yes, it is legal to use In the UK. As you know Bilibili is available for the China region and if you are outside of this then you have to use a reliable VPN Bilibili to stream easily.

Which Is The Overall Best VPN For Bilibili?

NordVPN is the best VPN for Bilibili. If you are looking for the perfect VPN that always works properly to stream Bilibili then in my list NordVPN is at the top. Due to some top reasons, NordVPN is the best to stream Bilibili.

Do You Need A Bilibili VPN?

If you want to stream out of the china region and safe to use Bilibili then you have to use a VPN that helps to unblock Bilibili and stream safely.

Final Words: Which Is Best VPN For Bilibili?

After discussing the all reliable VPNs, we found NordVPN is the best among all to stream Bilibili. Because it provides great features and smooth streaming and buffer-free Bilibili watching. But its prices are quite high so you can switch to other Bilibili VPNs.

We hope this guide has helped you to decide and get the one VPN with Bilibili according to your budget and needs. Get a VPN to access Bilibili and watch your favorite movies and shows without any restrictions.