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Purevpn 1 Year Deal October 2024 – 70% OFF Subscription plan

PureVPN is one of the globally known virtual private network service providers that offer premium features at a reasonably low price. Their wide range of 96+ server locations with up to 6500+ servers is available under the PureVPN 1 year deal. 

The 31-day money-back guarantee allows you to try PureVPN’s features before you commit to it. Those who are privacy lovers and want their online traffic to be secure must get this VPN. 

What Is PureVPN 1 Year Deal?

get upto 70% off purevpn 1 year deal

The PureVPN 1 year plan is a limited-period offer that provides up to a 70% discount on the actual price. This discount deal is especially for those who want to purchase a PureVPN subscription for 12 months.

If you use the premium services of PureVPN for 1-year, you will have to pay almost $130 every year. When I opted for the PureVPN 1-year plan, $38.95 was the final bill I paid for using their services.

Is PureVPN 1 Year Deal Is Best Offer Available?

Yes, the PureVPN 1 year discount is offered for those who need data privacy and security at a low price. The monthly cost of PureVPN is $10.95 without any discount offer. When you sum up the total price for 1 year by adding the monthly price, it costs a lot. With PureVPN’s 1-year plan, I have my monthly charge dropped down to $3.24 which is significantly less.

What Are The Benefits You Get with PureVPN 1-Year Deal?

The main benefit is that price of the PureVPN 1-year plan is very low i.e $38.95 per year. PureVPN is the best VPN software for Android. Apart from this huge discount on the subscription price, there are many other advantages also. Here are some of the other benefits that I got along with the PureVPN 1 year subscription:

  • Data Privacy: All of the browser traffic is encrypted and no one can track your browser activity. 
  • Unlock Sports Streaming: Stream up to 30+ sports channels whether you are travelling or the channel is not available in your region. Personally, I’ve used PureVPN to stream a free live UFC fight tonight
  • Bypass Restrictions: Gain access to restricted content and unlock blocked websites or apps in your regions like Netflix or Tinder.
  • IP Masking: Hides your actual IP address. This keeps your device safe and blocks cyber attacks that target your device by tracking your IP address.

Is PureVPN 1 Year Deal Available In 2024?

Yes, the PureVPN 1 year is also available in 2024. The company has released this plan for those who need VPN services for a long duration. You can visit PureVPN’s official website and check for the 12 month plan of PureVPN under the pricing section.

There are many coupons and vouchers launched by the company which can be used to get a discount on the one-year plan of PureVPN.

Can PureVPN 1 Year Deal Be Renewed?

Yes, PureVPN 1 year subscription deal is renewable. The existing subscription plan will expire 365 days after the purchase date. If you are an existing customer then you will be notified 7 days prior expiration of the PureVPN twelve-month plan.

The subscription can be renewed by making a payment with a Credit Card, PayPal or Bitcoin. The renewal charges can be paid through the member’s section. When I renewed my subscription plan, I was eligible for the 70% discount once again.

Is It Possible To Cancel PureVPN 1 Year Deal?

Yes, you can cancel the 1 year plan of PureVPN anytime you want. The cancellation policy of PureVPN is very simple. You have to contact customer support on live chat and drop a message for the cancellation of the subscription.

The customer support agent will reply to your cancellation request within a few seconds. When I contacted the live support agent, I was told that it takes up to 7 working days to complete the process of refund.

So there is no need to worry if you want to cancel PureVPN 1 year plan. The cancellation process is pretty simple and also their refund period is quite small. Either you can go for the PureVPN 5-year deal.

In Which Countries PureVPN 1 Year Deal Is Most Famous?

The one-year deal of PureVPN is mostly famous in the United States. As most people from the US browse the internet on regular basis with the help of a VPN. After the U.S.A, the second region known for the use of this VPN is Europe. Whenever I travel abroad, twelve month deal of PureVPN is best as I don’t miss any of the TV shows from my home country.

Why Do Gamers Use PureVPN 1 Year Deal?

PureVPN’s one year deal is very popular among gamers because it provides low-latency connection to servers. The main factor for any gamer is the connection speed. If the ping value of the connection is low, it will improve the in-game experience.

PureVPN has high-speed servers installed in 78+ locations which makes it easier to get low ping in any country. Whenever I play PUBG after connecting to the PureVPN server, the ping is very low compared to a connection without a VPN.

Is PureVPN 1 Year Plan Worth Buying?

Yes, it is worth buying. The PureVPN 12-month plan provides all of the premium features of a VPN at a price lower than other VPN services. This virtual private network has been providing its service for more than 10 years which shows PureVPN is trustworthy. So it is a good choice to buy a yearly plan of PureVPN to keep your browsing privacy protected.

What Is The Price Of PureVPN 1 Year Deal?

The price of a PureVPN 1 year subscription is $38.95, which means you’ve to pay only $3.24/mo.

How Many Devices Are Supported By PureVPN 1 Year Deal?

PureVPN’s 12 months plan supports up to 10 devices. Its 10 multi-logins feature allows you to log in simultaneously on multiple devices.