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Unlocator Coupon Code 2024 – 70% Unlocator Promo Codes

Unlocator is a well-known VPN services provider. The services of Unloator are reasonable but the company offers exclusive Unlocator coupon Code 2024 for extra savings. The service of Unlocator is good for beginners. If you are looking for a budget-friendly and easy-to-use VPN for home and small businesses then Unlocator is the best choice.

About Unlocator

Linkwork, a limited liability company in Denmark represented Unlocator which is a solution that allows you to remove geo-blocks with a smart DNS-VPN hybrid platform, and hence, it is mostly viewed on the VPN services. With the help of Unlocator, you are able to stream whatever content you want. To access any streaming channel and service, Unlocator is the best way out.

It supports a privacy policy that terminates your entire Internet access if by chance the VPN connection is lost, it helps prevent your data from going into the wrong hands. It has a good speed experience and is tested and assured by the company in different regions of the world.

What Are The Features Of Unlocator?

  • Unlocator is well known for streaming any channel which is its main feature.
  • It supports all the apps required by a person.
  • It has a very great speed of about 44.3 Mbps.
  • Its video streaming support is 4k UHD.
  • There is no need for configuration, by a single click you will get connected to the VPN.
  • With its advanced feature of securing your Wi-Fi, you can keep your Wi-Fi connection secured when you are at a public place.
  • Unlike other VPN streaming channels, it has been found that Unlocator is the best with its lowest rate of about $4.96 with free seven-days trial which does not even require a credit card and guarantees the money return within a month in case of change of mind.
  • It comes with the bundle of Smart DNS service.

Plans & Pricing of Unlocator 

When we talk about Unlocator, it has two different types of subscription services on which you can use the Unlocator coupon code for a discount.

  1. The Smart DNS
  2. The VPN

There is no need to choose a VPN if you like while you are subscribing to the Smart DNS. The prices of Smart DNS are as follow depending upon the durability-

  • 1 Month: $4.95
  • 6 Months: $4.58/month
  • 1 Year: $4.16/month
  • 2 Years: $3.29/month

Now, if you proceed with the VPN subscription, then the Smart DNS comes included. The prices of the VPN subscription are as follow depending upon the durability-

  • 1 month: $9.99
  • 6 months: $8.17/month
  • 1 year: $6.58/month
  • 2 years: $4.96/month

In a comparative study, it has been found that the rates of Unlocator are higher than that of most other VPN providers but using the Unlocator promo code can make it cheaper for you. The only highlighting feature of the VPN is that it comes with the bundled Smart DNS service, which is not enough to justify high prices.

How Much Can You Save By Using Unlocator Promo Code?

We are providing you with exclusive offers to avail huge discounts. With our Unlocator Discount Code, you can get a discount of up to 70%! Huge savings are on your way. If you want to get your subscription, hurry up, and use the latest Unlocator voucher code before the offer expires.

How To Apply The Unlocator Coupon Code?

To get an exciting discount of up to 70% off on the most featured and preferable VPN app by using the Unlocator Redeem code you need to follow a few steps.

  1. Visit our website. There you will find the option of Discounts.
  2. When you open the discounts page, you will see the discount coupon named “Unlocator Coupon Code” OR Unlocator Discount Code”.
  3. Click on that code and select activate. You will be taken to the website of Unlocator.
  4. Here, you can select the plans on which discounts can be availed. Go to the checkout, and pay the discounted price.

Thus, by following a few steps, you can avail huge discounts on your subscription, so that you can get the amazing features of Unlocator, by paying much fewer prices.

Do Unlocator Provide A Money Back Guarantee & Free Trial?

There is no doubt that Unlocator does provide a seven-day free trial as well as the money back when you do not need its subscription anymore but with some terms and conditions. 

When we talk about compensating on a one-month plan, the Unlocator pays the 100% (including TAX and VAT) amount back to the subscriber on paying for the first month’s service. While, in the case of a six months plan, 40% of the total commission is paid, and when we talk about the 12-month plan again the commission of 40% is provided to the subscriber but this time including the TAX and VAT paid by him. There is a condition of paying a minimum payment of $20, thus the subscriber will not receive a fee until he has earned at least $20.00.

Is The Unlocator Free To Use?

The Unlocator VPN is not free but it provides you a 7-days free trial which does not even need your credit card details, in case you have a doubt about how it works. But after using 7 days free trial of Unlocator you can get some additional discounts by using Unlocator promo codes and coupons.

Can You Use More Than 1 Coupon At A Time?

No, We can use only one Unlocator discount code at once to save your money. However, if you try to use the second Unlocator coupon then the first one will get vanished automatically.

Does Unlocator work with Netflix?

Yes, Unlocator is able to unblock Netflix in your region, if it is not available due to censorship or any other issues. With the Unlocator VPN service, you can watch any kind of content on Netflix from any country and region. So just buy this VPN service using the Unlocator coupon code and watch your Netflix shows easily.

Is Using Unlocator VPN Safe?

It is tested and issued that Unlocator VPN is a safe and secure app. It comes with complete transparency and does not affect the privacy of other ongoing services on the device like banking and social media.

The Smart DNS or the Unlocator VPN is legal to use as there is nothing illegal in changing your server addresses unless there is criminal activity involved in it. Although, you need to ensure it with the rules and laws of your country or region.

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How Many Devices Can I Connect With Unlocator At A Time?

Unlocator has set up a limit of up to 5 devices simultaneously. A subscriber can connect up to 5 devices with one subscription. 

How Many Server Locations?

Unlocator has a network of 40 servers spread across more than 37 countries.