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ZenMate VPN Coupon Code 2024 – Up to 80% Off

Here, use our Zenmate discount code and get up to 60% off. So, do not gets too late just grab this VPN with the Zenmate promo code.

ZenMate is a VPN service that offers a fairly good service. It generally works as a tunnel that keeps your IP hidden when you are on different browsers or using other devices. It is a very secure as well as effective VPN. The services are reasonable to use due to Zenmate VPN Coupon Code 2024. When you apply the deals it will reduce the actual cost of the existing plans.

How To Use The ZenMate VPN Coupon Code?

It is very easy to use the ZenMate VPN Discount Code. It is not a problematic task; you can easily apply the code by using these simple steps:

  • Firstly, click on the get deal button.
  • Then select the desired budget-friendly plan of the ZenMate.
  • Fill in the required information & select the payment mode.
  • At last, you can download the software from the link mentioned in the email.

Plans & Pricing Of ZenMate VPN Using Zenmate Promo Code

They have two different pricing plans: Pro and Ultimate. As per cost one monthly plan ultimate costs $10.99, one year is $53.88, and 3 years is $59. Amounts will be charged on purchasing, however, it still means opting for bigger plans yields better savings using the Zenmate voucher code.

Pro plan changed the scheme like $7.99 cost for one month. $19.14 for six months and the biggest one-year plan is $23.88. Hence, it is a nice premium deal at the cost of some basic features like OpenVPN support.

Options for payments include only credit cards & PayPal, so privacy-conscious individuals may be disappointed but if you were planning to pay for our subscription with cryptocurrency also it is not possible.  If you want to use the Ivacy VPN coupon code, then you can get up to 88% off.

There is a seven days trial and a thirty-day money-back guarantee. You will have so many times to decide whether the service lives up to our expectations or not. Also having unlimited connections which are excellent great value by Zenmate VPN coupon code.

Zenmate VPN Discount Code

Why Use Zenmate VPN Coupon Code & Promo Offers?

Most the VPN company plans are expensive to buy. So to reduce the actual cost of the services you can apply various coupons. By using Zenmate VPN Coupon Code you can rescue the actual cost of the Zebmate Subscription. This will make your Zenmate Plans purchases reasonable.

Can You Apply Two Zenmate Discount Codes At A Time?

No, You are not allowed to use two Zenmate Voucher Codes at a time. At a time you were allowed to use only one Zenmate VPN Coupon Code at a time.

Can You Apply The Zenmate Promo Code To Existing Subscriptions?

No, You are not allowed to use Zenmate Coupon Code on existing subscriptions. You can apply Zenmate Upgrade Coupon Code on existing subscriptions for the renewal of expired plans.

Where Will You Find The Active Zenmate VPN Promo Code?

We are providing the best and most active Zenmate VPN Coupon Code with a saving of up to 70% on it. We provide all the active deals for user benefits.

What Are The Features Of Zenmate?

Here are some features that you will get after using Zenmate VPN Coupon Code.

  • It has Unlimited Traffic Data.
  • ZenMate has a Private Net Type.
  • It has Military 256-Bit Encryption.
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP Protocols.
  • It Supports all devices including PC, mobiles, tab, and browsers.
  • It Supports for SSL – Based OpenVPN Protocols with 256-Bit Data Encryption.
  • It covers more than 30 Nations.
  • It has Multi login options for up to 5.

Here get all the features of Zenmate using the Zenmate VPN coupon code. Here NordVPN coupon code is also an option if you want to get it.

Smart Locations 

They work like automated break tunneling. These features are automatically turned on VPN for the selection of the websites. In this way, if we know that we will be using Netflix only when connected by a VPN, we can enable smart locations. It saves lots of time when we have to shift them for specific uses. But unfortunately, it is only available on their browser add-on.

On the downside, there is also something that could introduce DNS leaks. Because of DNS prefetching which is used for saving time by catching frequent visits to IP addresses. And this could expose our pre-cached DNS when Smart Locations is enabled.  Here, you can also use the ExpressVPN promo code and get up to 49% off.


When we find ourselves returning to the same server often, there is a section for favorites. We are able just to click on the star icon on the right side, and they added the server with our favorites tab. It will be much easier to find it for later use from there. So do not gets too late, just grab this VPN using the Zenmate VPN Coupon code.


With the use of ZenMate Promo Code, it allows torrenting on all the servers, which is quite good news for the file-sharing communities. This application site even has some clear guides on safe torrenting.

Although, we should have to be more careful while using browser extensions because they can leak our data. We can use desktop apps for better security. Which is in addition to keeping in mind the app’s logging policy.


As with many other VPNs,  ZenMate does not support Country China. Two more countries’ censorship programs are not recommended, and they are Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Pros of ZenMate VPN

  • It provides excellent security, which can keep our data safer.
  • It provides protection to unlimited devices, by a single subscription, we can use ZenMate on as many devices as we like to use.
  • It also provides No Logs, as it has a clear zero Log policy.
  • Zero log policy so it does not track our online activities.
  • ZenMate has 3,600 servers in around 74 countries across the globe.
  • It offers applications for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Linux.

These pros of Zenmate come in your hand by using the Zenmate promo code and get up to 60% off. However, make sure to grab this offer within a limited time.

Cons Of ZenMate VPN

This VPN is not as customizable as some premium VPNs such as Cyber Ghost. It also offers more than enough varieties for 99% of all users.

About Functionality Of Zenmate VPN

  • Works with US Netflix.
  • Use VPN for Torrenting.
  • It does not work in countries like China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

Is ZenMate VPN Safe For Use?

Yes, it is a safe VPN to use from a technical point of view. When it fails to meet our expectations, some privacy policies, and locations. These can result in a down breaker if you are finding a secure VPN service. The no-logs policy plus 5 eyes country notes the possibility that it could be overturned.

Does ZenMate VPN Provide Streaming All Features After Using Zenmate VPN Promo Code?

It has special servers for streaming then if we wish to unblock a streaming service, that’s what we will use. The labels can indicate which platform they will intend.

By using these servers you are able to unblock the US Netflix, but their experience was not much smoother. Videos are buffered for a long time and this will result in lower streaming quality. Generally, the American Netflix library is not the single one available via ZenMate, so yes we have the maximum number of options. 

We have also managed to unblock the BBC iPlayer, but the experience was much the same as Netflix. But it did not unblock the videos, it takes some time to load and the quality of streaming will also be very poor. If we were using the services without any VPN, we would notice their impact. So don’t get too late, just grab this Zenmate VPN Coupon Code. 

How Many Servers And Locations Does Zenmate Provide?

It has good server coverage. Approx. 2800 plus servers around 78 countries, covering a maximum of a globe. Then, we have quite a lot of server locations to select from.

Some users who wish to connect to Europe or the Asia Pacific will get most of the countries to select from. Even the Middle East and African locations have not been skipped. ZenMate is clearly giving us a vast variety than we expected to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zenmate offer a student discount code?

Use the best saving Zenmate VPN Student Coupon Code for saving extra on the purchases of Zenmate VPN services.

Can I use two Zenmate VPN coupon codes at a time?

No, any user doesn’t allow to use two coupons at a time.