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How To Change Instagram Username? [Updated For 2024]

how to change instagram username

Social media has become important in everyone’s life. People always want to follow trends even though people are continuously updated on social media they choose or create names with uniqueness. 

Most of them face issues to change name on Instagram and they attempt too many tries.

In this blog, we will provide some necessary knowledge about Instagram and the way where you can change Instagram username on Android. 

To know a more knowledgeable thing about Instagram, so keep reading “how to change your username on Instagram”. 

How Instagram Username Is Different From Instagram Display Name?

Before making any hasty decision, let’s first know the difference between the display name vs username. Display name, which is essentially your individual or business name, and even you can change it whenever or as you want plus it is not compulsory to have a unique name.

Although on the other side, your username is what you can see on the top of your Instagram account with the “@” symbol and goes to the end with your Instagram URL. There you can also see more restrictions on Instagram usernames.

Instagram Username Guidelines

There are also a few guidelines in an Instagram username, so let’s have look below to know what are they.

  • Unique to your account
  • Less than 30 characters
  • Includes only letters, numbers, periods, and underscores (no spaces or other symbols)
  • No profanity or restricted language

These are the guidelines that Instagram asked for your username. Also, we have provided some extra pieces of information that you should know so to know about them look below.

How To Change Username In The Instagram App?

Instagram has a mobile focus, so the first way we’ll provide you is to use the Instagram app. It will take moments order to finish, assuming you’ve already thought of your new username.

In order to change Instagram username in the app, first, just click your profile icon in the bottom right to open up your profile. Then, click on the Edit Profile button below your bio. 

Then just enter your new Instagram username in the Username field, and after that click on the checkmark in the top right. “That’s all it”

How To Change Instagram ID Name In App?

You need to follow the leads in order to change Instagram username.

  • Open the Instagram app and log in.
  • Click your profile icon in the lowest right.
  • Then make click to Edit Profile underneath your bio.
  • Now enter your new username in the Username section.
  • After that just Tap the checkmark in the top right.

These are the all steps you need to follow to change the id in-app.

How To Change Instagram Username On A Computer Or Browser?

In order to change Instagram username or revise your username on Instagram through a browser is simply as easy. The steps of changing the user name are quite equally. Look below here what you require to do.

First login to your account and then next, click on the profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Then tap on the settings there you will see the Edit Profile column after that just enter your new username in the username field. Then just tap on submit at the bottom of the screen.

You should use VPN software for Android to secure your personal data, Nowadays hacking a profile becomes so easy & common. By using a VPN service you’re securing your Instagram from third parties activity. 

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Remark that unlike modifying your Instagram username in the app, you will not get a forewarning that the preferred username is already in use. Rather, a little pop-up will notify you that the username isn’t available when tapping the submit.

What Will Happen When You Change Instagram Username?

Whenever you change your username, then each and everything within the app will automatically switch over to your new account name. As your previous comments, mentions, and likes will display on your new username.

When You Change Username On Instagram Does It Notify Everyone?

There might be a chance of it, Your followers get notified of your username change. Although also some of the profile details aren’t visible to anyone and this will also include your email address, phone number, and gender.

Will I Lose The Followers After Changing My Username On Instagram?

You can change your ID username on Instagram as you want by editing your profile. But there you don’t need to think about that, you won’t lose followers for it. The important thing here is your username should be unique otherwise, it won’t change or be unavailable.

How Many Times Can I Change Instagram Username?

Yes, you can change the username of Instagram one or two times in 14 days. But is also a condition of Instagram like the chosen name should be unique and you can change it after 14 days as I mentioned.

Why I’m Not Able To Change Instagram Username?

why am i not able to change my username

If Instagram allows you to enter a new username, it’s probably happening because you don’t fulfill the requirements mentioned before. The most ordinary error is related to that username being taken, so try to take another username. 

Remark that even if you’re attempting to modify back to an old username, it’s possible someone took it while it was free, and you won’t be capable to bring it back. 

How To Find Someone On Instagram After New Username?

After having a new Instagram username, it will feel like a fresh start on Instagram. But that is in fact your all efforts of searching previous users, although you can find on your own followers. It will appear in your follower list where you can find it easily.

There is also another way to search for a certain person’s name on the search bar on your display.

The last way is to find someone on Instagram on another spot where the account is linked. This could be a previous post the account commented on, or somebody else tagging them in a new post.

You can create a snap with a cartoon face lens and upload it on Instagram reels to get maximum reach on Instagram. Then, it’ll be easy for you to find someone on Instagram. 

How To Change Instagram Username Before 14 Days?

Instagram does not allow you to change your username too many times in 14 days. With all of that, you need to choose a unique name otherwise you’ll not able to change Instagram name.

How To Change Instagram Username Font?

In order to change the Instagram username font, many people use third-party apps. But you can rename the username through the online text font editor and many other apps too available to change usernames or create profiles unique via font text.

How Do I Change The Font On Instagram For Free?

In order to change it, you can also change it through the keyboard’s settings and pick the font you want. When you start typing by using this keyboard, you will only be capable to type using your selected font.


Hope you will be able to change Instagram username after getting all the information related to the username and the font. After reading the article if you are satisfied then keep in touch to get more information about all social media and comment below for any query.