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Is SetupVPN Safe – [SetupVPN Review 2024]

Most of us use SetupVPN on a daily basis for gaming, streaming, torrenting, and many uses but how much of us know whether SetVPN is safe or not for our daily uses? In this article, we review SetVPN and try to figure it really SetVPN is safe to use or not and why. Here we also discuss the best alternative for SetupVPN.

Is SetupVPN Safe to Use?

No, using SetupVPN is unsafe because of the lack of privacy & security features. It doesn’t provide many features like a No logs Policy, Ads Blocking, Malware Protection, Tracker blocker, cross-platform speed manager, etc.

All these features are required to maintain the device’s privacy and security. So, we can say that, If you want to use the VPN for torrenting then SetupVPN is not safe. 

Why Is SetupVPN Not Safe?

SetupVPN is not safe because it doesn’t provide many features that are required for maintaining the privacy and security of your devices. 

The following features are not available in SetupVPN:-

  • Ads Blocking
  • Tracker Blocking
  • Malware Protection
  • No logs Policy 
  • Cross-platform speed manager
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Kill Switch 

All these features are not available in SetupVPN that’s why it is not safe. If you want to use VPN, then we recommend using NordVPN 2 Year Plans.

Is Free SetupVPN Safe For Browsing?

Yes, free SetupVPN is safe for browsing because it provides secure 4096-bit military-grade encryption protection while using public wifi and mobile data.

How Do I Download SetupVPN In 2024?

You Can easily download the SetupVPN by using the following steps:-

  1. You need to go the official website of SetupVPN.
  2. Then you need to click on the download button that redirects you to another page.
  3. After that, you need to choose the browser for which you want to download.
  4. After that SetupVPN Start downloading.

If you follow this step then you can easily download the SetupVPN on your devices but keep in mind it doesn’t work on Ios, chrome os, and opera devices.

Is SetupVPN Free For A Lifetime?

Yes, SetpVPN is free for a lifetime with limited features. SetupVPN does not provide multiple features like Cross Platform Password Manager, Tracker Blocker, Ads Blocker, and many more that’s why it is not the safest VPN.    

Is SetupVPN Safe for Torrenting?

No, SetupVPN is not safe for torrenting. Torrenting is an illegal activity that’s why most of people use VPN for torrenting. But using the free VPN for Torrenting is not safe because it lacks providing no logs policy, malware protection, tracker, and ad blocking features. That are required to maintain your online privacy while accessing a torrenting site.

If you want to use the VPN for torrenting then you can use the ben Shapiro ExpressVPN which comes with many features that may be required for torrenting like:- Malware Protection, Kill Switch, Tracker Blocker Ads BLocker, etc.

All these features are not available in SetupVPN that’s why we don’t recommend it to our visitors for torrenting.  

Does SetupVPN Work In Multiple Countries?

Yes, SetupVPN works in multiple countries and it also provides access to various servers for changing the IP address and location. The SetupVPN provides the access to 2,000 servers in more than 35 Countries. 

Is SetupVPN Free To Use?

Yes, SetupVPN is free for use and by using it you can get unlimited bandwidth for use. The SetupVPN provides military-grade encryption features but lacks in providing no log policy & ad blocking. So, always think twice before using it.

Is SetupVPN Safe For Gaming?

SetupVPN is good for gaming as you can unblock games in the restricted region. You might safe Gaming experience when you buy its paid version. SetupVPN provides you with Native Encryption, wifi protection, Masking your IP address, and unlimited bandwidth, which is very essential for safe gaming

But the Setup VPN doesn’t provide the feature of the kill switch and malware attack that is required while playing the game that’s why Setup VPN is the safest VPN but not for gaming.

If you want to use the best VPN for gaming then you can use the Mrbeast NordVPN which is the best VPN for online streaming and gaming at the best rate. It provides all features that you required while playing games like Kill Switch, malware protection, and, many more. 

Is SetupVPN Safe For Streaming?

We have reviewed SetupVPN and find that  SetupVPN is safe for streaming but it doesn’t provide many attributes that is required while streaming like the ads blocker, kill switch feature, tracker blocker, etc.

Is SetupVPN Work on Chromebook?

_Download Setup VPN in Chromebook

Yes, SetupVPN work on Chromebook you can easily download it by visiting the Play store on your Chromebook.

You can follow the following steps to download a SetupVPN in your chrome book:-

  1. Open the play store on Chromebook
  2. Search the SetupVPN
  3. Click on Install Button 
  4. Now, you can enjoy the SetupVpn safely.

Is There Any Premium Version Of SetupVPN Available?

Yes, SetupVPN offers a premium version but now this is not available. Now it only offers free plans that provide multiple features that were before available in the paid version of SetupVPN.

Is There Any Limitation to SetupVPN?

Limitation Of SetupVPN

Our VPN SOFTWARE Team reviewed SetupVPN and found some limitations of Setup VPN. Due to this VPN is unsafe for torrenting, downloading online content, and much more work. 

Here we provide the list of limitations of SetupVPN:-

  • Not supported in iOS and Chrome OS devices.
  • Not available for the Opera browser.
  • Ads-Blocking Feature is not available
  • The only access to 2,000 servers in 35 countries
  • Malware Protection features are not available
  • Kill Switch Feature is also not available
  • Low speed of internet 
  • They do not provide any logs policy.

If you have not satisfied with SetupVPN features and want the ads-blocking & all paid features then you need to use the NordVPN to get all the features that are not available in SetupVPN.

If you want to buy NordVPN then you can use the NordVPN coupon code to get a discount on the NordVPN 1 year Plan.

Does SetupVPN Work With Netflix?

No SetupVPN doesn’t Work with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other OTT Platforms. If you want to access Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other ott platforms then you need to use NordVPN 3 Months Free Deal.

Is Installing SetupVPN Safe?

Due to the lack of features, we don’t recommend installing SetupVPN on your device. You should have to look out for other VPN service providers to enjoy high-security features.

Can I Use SetupVPN Safely?

SetupVPN is lacking in providing features of ads blocking no logs policy and tracker blocking to its users. That is required for maintaining your online privacy and data leaks theft.


After review SetupVPN we conclude that SetupVPN is lack in provides features for security and encryption. But SetupVPN is good in providing features of performance and server. If you are looking free VPN for security and privacy concerns then SetupVPN is not the best. However, It depends upon you for which purpose you are looking VPN for. 

The SetupVPN doesn’t provide the features of malware attack, ads blocking, tracker blocking, and many more features that are required to maintain the security and privacy of people. That’s why don’t recommended to use the Setupvpn.