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Perfect Privacy VPN Review 2024

We know that you’re an enthusiast to know about Perfect Privacy review 2024, in this article, we familiarize you with the pros and cons of Perfect Privacy VPN and its mediocre services. This VPN company doing hard work for many past years for instance between 2006 to 2007 which Perfect Privacy was released their first feature is that VPN servers are running on RAM discs.

Perfect Privacy Review

Know Perfect Privacy features, pricing, performance, speed, security, pros and cons in detail.

Price: $12.99 per month

Price Currency: Dollar

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11

Application Category: VPN

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Perfect Privacy was established in 2008 with all dynamic features and services that are based in Switzerland to the caters security and privacy-focused crowd. In 2016, Perfect Privacy was started first customizable filter to block ad advertisements. But, its VPN plan and subscription could be a little bit expensive for first-time purchasing. Let’s come to the other major necessary topics of this VPN in the below paragraph.

Perfect Privacy Overview

Perfect Privacy VPN Overview

Through the expansion, we’ll take a survey to complete the Perfect Privacy software overview 2024, and will know about some pros or cons of this VPN. Perfect Privacy has made its name for itself by keeping for a long time in the VPN market. The Perfect Privacy team is ready to change the VPN technology in the upcoming days, they have continuously upgraded their no-log policy VPN since 2008 with full-on efforts.

Here, you can analyze the pros and cons of Perfect Privacy that will reduce your all troubles before using this VPN.

Perfect Privacy – ProsPerfect Privacy – Cons
Up To 4 Servers by self-configurable
Zero logs with several unlimited connections
Strong and dedicated servers with full IPv6 support
Email Support for any quires
Ability to block ads and malware and more
Prevent your web traffic with string encrypted
Doesn’t work properly with streaming sites
There is no major device “iOS” application
No Wireguard supports their customer’s
Big case of higher price and subscription

Perfect Privacy Price & Subscription

Now, we have reached the structure of Perfect Privacy in which we’ll discuss all essential plans that this VPN offers to their customers.

One Month PlanOne Year PlanTwo Year Plan
$12.99 Per Month$9.99 Per Month$8.95 Per Month
Save 0%Save 23%Save 31%
$12.99 billed for one month$119.99 billed for one year$214.95 billed for two years

For some last year, Perfect Privacy VPN has dropped its pricing slightly and begun accepting payments in the United States. If we talk about its last cheapest plan of Perfect Privacy, is the two-year plan in which you get your subscription at $8.95 per month. Indeed this VPN is more expensive in front of other top VPNs in the market.

Perfect Privacy Payment Option

You have to follow some easy steps that will take you to the final destination where you can do your payment as you recommended. Below the bullets, you can see the all necessary steps.

Step One Choosing Plan & Subscription

In this step, just need to choose your preferred plan and subscription whereby you’ll go for the next step below.

Step Two Create An Account

In the second step, do create an account by filling in your personal necessary information for example your email id and name.

Step Three Select The Payment Method

In the final step, select the payment method means by which method is perfect for your payment such as PaymentWall, Bitcoin, Paypal, Stripe in which visa, Union pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Perfect Privacy Refund Policy

If you make your decision then, you can take a free trial that would be 7 days on all plans and subscriptions in which you can test this VPN until your 7 days are not finished. After this, you can take your money back in your hand from the company with reliable feedback.

Perfect Privacy Features & Services

Features of Perfect Privacy

Now, we have begun a discussion on the features and services that Perfect Privacy Review has provided to their customers whether be old or come for the first time. Every random VPN service and feature enhances the online experience.

  • Multi-Hop VPN: You can take help from this feature to protect your data from tracking and monitoring in which you can connect your up to 4 devices with the help of hop.
  • RAM discs: The first feature was RAM discs of Perfect Privacy in which VPN services are running on RAM discs. This way the data is not stored when your server is disconnecting from the power it is gone or at any time.
  • TrackStop: This VPN gives you a powerful ability to block inconvenient advertisements, defend yourself against social media tracking.
  • Kill Switch: This feature is the same as other top VPNs in which whenever your server has been dropped by default then, not a big deal. Perfect Privacy stops your web traffic on the Internet and keeps your data and information safe until your server doesn’t connect.
  • No log policy: Perfect Privacy or other resource doesn’t keep your personal data and password is known as called no log policy.
  • VPN Protocols: Perfect Privacy provides you a huge range of different types of protocols such as OpenVPN and IPsec, SSH2, etc. If you need to get high speed then, you should use these protocols while using this VPN.


We took a survey in which we did a discussion on the Perfect Privacy VPN review 2024. We also saw its features and services and also consists its plan and subscription. We want to recommend you this VPN if you have a good budget to buy it easily. We hope that you have understood all the essential points.