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Thunder VPN Review 2024

As with this cool name, we all know that it is considered to be one of the free VPNs available in the market. Furthermore, its topmost features and Free option make it stand out from the crowd. Apart from this, this Thunder VPN is only suitable on Android mobile devices and works wonders on mobile. However, the free word stated earlier may sound great in our head but leaves us with a bit of nervousness about whether we should consider this VPN or not. Therefore, we have bought this guide wherein we will give our Thunder VPN Review. Moreover, for your better understanding, we will be giving our best possible answers to the topmost questions.

About Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN Review Free VPN

Thunder VPN as stated earlier is one of the free VPNs as well as it can only work wonders on Mobile devices. Furthermore, this VPN platform has been operating well on mobile devices; however, you can still use it on various devices such as PC or MAC. 

In addition to this, this VPN app has 10 million downloads and has also got 4.8 stars with good reviews of over 300k. Apart from this, this company is also known as a signal app which means a secure messaging app given by the signal foundation.

Afterward, it is true that their website shows a limited amount of information and it is considered to be fast and free and also unblocks the website as well as apps. Furthermore, this app is available on google as well.

Best Attributes Of Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN Features

As with this VPN platform which is available for Free and is accepted by many users across the globe, has some of the topmost qualities that we have considered such as:

  1. Free Forever
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth
  3. No Registration is required
  4. World wide servers
  5. No-log or Track user data
  6. Servers (in the free version you get various server locations that too include countries like The USA, Canada, The UK, France, The Netherlands, and Germany)
  7. VIP countries such as Germany, Finland, India, Japan, South Korea, Italy, France, and Singapore comes with Standard services and that too is fastest servers
  8. Connecting to the VPN through this platform is easy as if you want to change the server you only have to click on the right side of the corner which shows the flag icon.

Pros And Cons Of Thunder VPN

As with our analysis of Thunder VPN review, we all now know the features that you might get if you choose the Thunder VPN. However, this VPN platform does have some great advantages as well as disadvantages such as: 

Advantages Of Thunder VPN Disadvantages Of Thunder VPN
Free VPN 
Android VPN – works wonder
limited bandwidth 
No sign in required
No log policy
Only 18+ locations 
Kill switch is not present
SSL protocol is not given
Does not unblock streaming services
Not good customer service
No lifetime plan is provided as an option 
Only 9 free servers are there
No money-back guarantee

Pricing Structure Of Thunder VPN

Prices Of Thunder VPN

As Thunder VPN is free forever with its best attributes and yet they provide different plans that will charge accordingly such as 1 month, 12 months, weekly plans. Moreover, you can also try one of the VPN plans for 3 months free as they provide it firstly with no charges.

Furthermore, you can easily cancel any one of the VPN plans after a 3-day free trial. Moreover, the purchasing of their services is very easy to do.

Why Should You Use Thunder VPN?

Getting a free VPN is one of the best services that you can get from a VPN company. Yet with its best features present to you, in addition to this, by connecting to a server of your own choice this way you get to have a secure and encrypted server connection. Honestly answering, whether you should go with Thunder VPN or not, using the free version the speed will be slow and it has more cons as compared to the pros. Therefore, we would suggest that you search for other VPN plans from different companies as it is true that the “free” word may be helpful to you but the features of the Thunder VPN quite not be.     

Thunder VPN – Is It Safe To Use? 

As with our own analysis on Thunder VPN review, we came to know that Thunder VPN does provide some of the great qualities such as a free version for life, unlimited bandwidth, no track user policy, and only registration is required. However, on the other side, Thunder VPN has a lack of security policy, no money-back guarantee, and no good customer support. So, it’s not better to invest time on a VPN that will not take care of your personal data as well as the privacy and security of the data. Nonetheless, Thunder VPN is not safe to use.  

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The Bottom Line  

As we have gone through the Thunder VPN Review, we believe that our guide on the thunder VPN Review 2024 must have been quite helpful to you. Moreover, our examination of the same topic has been based on true facts related to Thunder VPN. however, if you are looking forward to using a VPN that is free forever and has some basic features and that is all. Then, you may go forward with the Thunder VPN.