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uVPN Review 2024 – Details Features,Price, Pros & Cons

uVPN is not a very popular VPN company. It is also trying its level best for becoming a popular VPN service provider. Although the uVPN Company is not renowned or has prestige like other popular VPN providers. The VPN services by uVPN are effective enough to match the criteria of good VPNs. Hence, in the information given below, we are detailing the uVPN features that the users need to know before choosing this VPN for securing their online browsing.

The users of the internet prefer to use VPNs that are effective and pocket friendly too with well-versed features. Hence, in getting a suitable VPN, the users need to check its protection features and security along with an easy interface. But, neither machine nor software is perfect, hence, we are detailing the uVPN review to let the users know about it in depth.

Now, let’s give a deep concentration on the uVPN review.

uVPN Review – About

uVPN is one of the cheapest and most amazing VPN service providers that provide free, anonymous, secure, unlimited VPN services. The facility of unblocking the blockers imposed over some websites, content, along with internet services. uVPN is also known for providing the facility of hiding the IP address along with bypassing restrictions within the country. Thus, all these features will surely allow the users to experience restriction-free and safe online browsing. This is the only reason that millions of users prefer to adopt this VPN.

Why should you use the services of uVPN?

There are millions of users of uVPN who have rated this VPN with a star rating of 4.5. This is the only reason that this software has been downloaded by 1.6 million users. Hence these stats show that it is a better choice for the users. This VPN is also known for providing and allowing unlimited browsing that ensures the users could easily stream videos over YouTube, Netflix, and such video streaming platforms.

What level of security does uVPN offer to its users?

After knowing about the reasons for use in uVPN review you must look for its security features. 

uVPN is one of the best options for browsing online without spending a single penny anonymously. Also, the uVPN is known for offering a free Google Chrome Extension that the users could easily add free of cost. This VPN is compatible with Android, Windows, Firefox addon, and so on devices.

Which Version is Best to use uVPN free Or Paid? – Free & Paid uVPN Review 2024

uVPN is available in two versions i.e. Free and Paid. The free version of uVPN has limited functions and features that are sufficient for fulfilling the user’s requirement of safe and secure online browsing. But still, the paid version is beneficial because that allows the users to explore the internet without any problem. 

This is the only reason that the paid version of uVPN is effective and efficient with all the requisite features needed for secured internet surfing.

In the free version of uVPN users will get limited features. To utilize all the features of uVPN users must have to purchase the paid version of it. These advanced features or services are economical. 

Once the users purchase a paid version for the long term, the users get an almost 60% discount. Hence, to redeem this amount, the users may apply the uVPN coupon code associated with the uVPN software and get the services for 1 year. 

Now, once the users purchase a paid version of the uVPN then, they would surely get its free trial for 7 days. Hence, using this free trial, the users could test the features included in its free version. In case, the users are not satisfied with the paid version of uVPN then, they may apply for a refund.

What are the Advance Features of uVPN? – uVPN Review 2024

uVPN features

Using the premium version of uVPN, the users will get the advantages of the following features for keeping their device and internet surfing from the hacker’s attack:

  • Streaming videos of shows and movies over various platforms 
  • Browsing ability without worrying about geo-restrictions boundaries
  • Video streaming without lagging i.e. strict lags policy
  • Fast download and uploading speed
  • Reliable killswitch for upgrading the security without minimizing the speed
  • Easy interface for choosing the country
  • The ability to download business and entertainment files from any corner of the world

Steps to Purchase or Get a Free or Paid Version of uVPN

Using the stepwise procedure given below, the users may get the benefits of services being included in the uVPN free or paid versions: 

  1. Firstly, select a suitable plan that is pocket friendly and meets the users’ requirements.
  2. After this, create an account using the email, Facebook, or apple id.
  3. At last, click the checkout button. 
  4. Thus, the uVPN software file will be successfully installed over the device that the users may use for keeping their online surfing safe and secure.

Also, the users may utilize the services included within the uVPN that suits the pocket the best i.e. it is easy to manage and affordable to buy the VPN packages by uVPN.

Steps To use uVPN in Device

The users could easily connect the uVPN with the IP address among the 30 countries where the company provides its server location. This uVPN software is designed for providing services to all its users with an easy interface. Hence, here is the stepwise procedure for connecting the uVPN with the IP address:

  1. Firstly, download the .exe or .apk file over the preferable device followed by signing in to this software using the login credentials.
  2. And then, choose the preferred location that is effective enough to meet the user’s need.
  3. In the end, press the start button for initiating the uVPN over the device.

uVPN has the ability to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously and thus, the users may connect Android, iPad, notepad, television, PC, smartphones, and all in single time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the uVPN Review

In this uVPN review you will go through with the pros and cons of uVPN. With this you can easily know about the uVPN and what they exactly do. It makes it easy for you to decide whether it is a good option for you or not.


  • The ability to intellectually hide the online identity of the users
  • Availability of IP addresses of 30+ countries
  • Beneficial in securing the online connections
  • Offering secured torrenting and streaming facility
  • The ability to give a better online gaming experience


  • Sometimes the device lacks or slows down while executing the uVPN 
  • uVPN has somehow lack server options
  • Even the privacy policy is Sketchy in nature
  • Have the ability to share and collect the data through third parties

uVPN Review 2024 – Customer Support Services

The factor that makes the VPN or software providing companies to be popular is the availability of the customer care or support facility by thy company. And thus, the users of uVPN could easily get in touch with the uVPN team for eradicating the troubles being faced by them while utilizing the uVPN software. For getting in touch with the uVPN team, the users may connect by emailing the issue at Else, the users may also fill in the requisite details within the contact form easily available on the uVPN support page.

You can also visit the CenturyLink customer service if you want a good and reliable internet connection for your home, office, or other work.

Conclusion: uVPN Review 2024

uVPN is one of the grown-up service providers of VPN and is not much popular in the VPN market. But, this VPN is trying its level best to provide features that are good enough to meet and fulfill the requirement of the users. Keeping the facts and stats from the aforementioned article on uVPN review, it becomes clear that millions of users have given a 4.5-star rating to this VPN. This is because this VPN is not powerful enough to keep the users’ online activities or browsing history from attackers. 

Apart from this, the users utilizing this VPN have found its interface as easy to use and effective in functioning with all types of devices. Also, the users have found its yearly plan to be budget-friendly but, the device executing uVPN over it tends to slow down or lack in its functioning. Hence, we hope that the users after viewing the figures and points highlighted in the aforementioned article can easily decide whether they are in favor of using a VPN or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is uVPN extension Safe?

Yes, uVPN is safe to use because it uses the best security encryption to hide your IP address and secure all your traffic.

Is uVPN free to use?

Yes, you can easily download the services of uVPN free of cost by using the uVPN chrome extension.