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What Is VPN [Virtual Private Network] & How Does It Works?

What Is VPN

VPN means virtual private networks. VPN gives you online privacy and secures your data while using public network connections. It hides your original identity and provides you with a fake Ip address so that third parties cannot grab your personal data. A virtual private network gives you online privacy by developing a private network from a public internet connection.

What Are The Features of VPN

There are many features of VPN but 3 features are there which are very important 


Using a VPN service provides you the anonymity that hides your real location and identity from others. It is the first and its main feature that is the main reason for VPN use and popularity. Same as its name called Virtual Private Network it created a network for you from a public Net connection.


After proxies VPN is the second tool that can hide your real identity on the world wide web at a low price. There are many varieties of plans and pricing levels when it comes to VPN. Almost every people prefer cheaper plans they attract towards where they will get cheaper plans and all services. 


Some of the good and popular VPN services such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark also provide you with a good speed of internet connection. So you can simply buy any of them from here to try its speed for one month or more. But if you go with the free VPN services then there is no way that you can get a good internet speed on any device.

What Is VPN And Why Do I Need It?

The main purpose of a VPN is to protect your online activity. Saves you from malware and viruses attacks. It also creates a wall between you and hackers and third-party to hide your real identity. 

Why do we need VPN –  We need it the most. Because when we go outside, sometimes we used public wifi in restaurants, hotels, etc. there is a chance to hack your phone by the people around you and by the network providers. 

VPN is necessary for all those, who don’t want to leak their personal information and want to save their content on their device. VPN is the only software that helps you to overcome this situation.

Is VPN Illegal?

No, VPN is not an illegal service. There is only some reason because of government doesn’t allow you to use this service and there are some countries where the police take strict restrictions on this services. 

In India use of VPN is legal. You can use VPN to restart the unblock the sites that are blocked by your country.

Is VPN Good or Bad To Use?

According to our search and our assumption VPN is a great platform to protect yourself from a third party that wants to attack directly on your data for hocking even on the above article during a discussion on “what is VPN” we tell you that VPN helps to unblocked the sites. that’s the best quality of VPN. VPN also has well-paid plans, and there are many services that have under your budget. 

But on the other side, as we see ‘free VPN is bad to use for you. 

That’s happened in most of the cases that a VPN service provider offers you free-of-cost service, without spending any cost. But as a VPN user, you need to understand that VPN is software and it includes many parts that are very expensive. 

We are not asking that VPN is costly software but it charges some amount from you. In our survey, we analyze that their some free VPN that hides the most important feature from you the reason behind that in free service they can’t provide you with expensive service.

How Much Does A VPN Cost?

There are so many VPN service providers that charge their services according to the features that they provided to you. 

Here is a list of the best VPN service provider;

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. CyberGhost 
  3. NordVPN
  4. ProtonVPN
  5. SurfShark 

So, now we will discuss their paid plans with their features

VPN service providerFeatures / Paid plans
ExpressVPN Fast & Secure VPN 24/7 service available Connected with more than 90 countries
Paid plans $6.67/mo for a 1-year deal
CyberGhost  Servers 7,000+45 days money-back guarantee Automatic kill-switch 
Paid plans $2.25/mo for 3 -year deal
NordVPN no-log policy Save 70% on early plans Connect 6 device at the same time
 Paid plans $4.13/mo for a 2-year deal
ProtonVPN  5 VPN connection high-speed (up to 10Gbps)Strict no-log policy
Paid plans $79 in basic, $116.76 in plus for 2-year deal
Surfshark Servers 3200+Unlimited number of connections user-friendly 
Paid plans $2.49/mo for a 2-year deal 

Is Free VPN Safe To Use?

No, a free VPN is not safe to use for you. There are many reasons to avoid free VPN but we direct grab the main point of why is it not safe.  

The reason behind that, we all use public wifi in restaurants, hotels, bars even government Wi-Fi’s also recently allowed by the government for all. 

And as we know if do any changes on our device we need the help of software, exactly that same thing happened with VPN. VPN has so many features through this they can do their work safely and perfectly. VPN tools are very expensive. So you just need to focus on that thing if a VPN service provider offers us these services free of cost with the same tools, then how it is possible because they also need an amount for paying and buying tools and making their tool/ application powerful. 

Again, I repeat that “ free VPN services are not safe for you” sometimes free VPN hides some tools from you.

Advantages & Disadvantages of VPN 

If you are a new user of VPN then you need to know about the advantages & disadvantages of VPN, before using it. And given below firstly, we show their advantages, then their disadvantages. 

Advantages of VPN

  • Avoid censorship 
  • Prevent ISP tracking 
  • Prevent price discrimination 
  • Online banking security 
  • Online shopping security
  • Unblock social media sites 
  • Stay anonymous when browsing 
  • Protect you from public wifi 
  • Block unwanted site which harms you 

Disadvantages of VPN

  • Your privacy isn’t always guaranteed
  • Using a VPN is illegal in some countries 
  • VPN always slows your connection speed 
  • Some online services try to ban VPN users
  • A lot of VPNs are outright dangerous to use 
  • Some VPN services are expensive 
  • It won’t protect you from malware attacks
  • In some cases VPN allows the government to collect users’ data


In the above article we will discuss “what is VPN?” their features, pros-cons, and other more related Questions you can read here. We also mentioned the best VPN service provider paid plans.

So, if you have any quarry even after reading this article regarding VPN, please let me know the comment section. 

Which VPN Is Best For The iPhone? 

There are 5 VPNs you can use on iPhone; Express VPN, NordVPN, SurfShark, ProtonVPN, Ipvanish  

Name of Best VPN Service Provider? 

If you are searching for the best VPN service provider, according to our survey “ExpressVPN” is the best VPN all over the world.

Can I Create My Own VPN?

Yes, you can set up your own VPN without paying a fee with Amazone AWS, at least for five years.

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