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Zoog VPN Review 2024 – Is It Safe To Use?

Before using any of the VPN services you must go through what features the company is providing. So here we conduct a Zoog VPN Review that will help you to understand the features & services of this VPN.

The Zoog VPN is one of the trusted and fast VPN servers around the world. This VPN is available for every device like Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, and Android. The Zoog VPN provides you with a complete solution that protects your online freedom and privacy. This VPN is a totally free VPN with 10 GB of bandwidth. The Zoog VPN premium with unlimited bandwidth from $1.87 a month. They also have over 1000+ IPs and 50+ locations around the world which make your surfing experience faster and easier.

Zoog VPN Review

A reliable option for all those users who want to use Free VPN Services at a budget cost.

Price: $1.87 Per Month

Price Currency: Dollar

Operating System: Windows 10 & 11, Android, iOS, Linux

Application Category: VPN

Editor's Rating:

Why Should You Use Zoog VPN?

In this Zoog VPN Review, you will get the answer to why you should use Zoog VPN on your devices.

Zoog VPN is one of the cheapest and fastest VPN servers with premium features. This  VPN is famous for their streaming service. They will provide a Zero log policy for making your VPN experience more comfortable. P2P included a VPN server, Hotspot, wifi protection, and some more amazing features. Zoog VPN provides you with an anonymous connection that gives you privacy and keeps your work hidden. There are some reasons why you should choose the Zoog VPN. 

  • The Zoog VPN  provides 256 Bit Encryption which makes you fully secure your connection at home, at work, or anywhere on your device.
  • The Zoog VPN also provides full content access so you can surf easily to every VPN server. So, you can use any one of the server according to your needs.
  • Zoog VPN has over 1000s IPs in 50 location servers which provide you the fastest speeds and low latency. Their VPN always gives you the best and most stable service connection. Enhance your VPN surfing experience with their fast and stable connection.
  • The Zoog VPN also provides you 24/7 Live Customer support. You can contact them via Email, live chat, or voice call, and they also provide remote desktop support on users’ demand.
  • On the Zoog VPN, you can use this VPN on Windows, Mac, IOS, and Androids 
  • They also provide you with streaming platforms like 20+ Netflix regions, Hulu, Disney+, iPlayer, and more. So if you like to stream, Zoog VPN is for you.

These are the main features of Zoog VPN. If you want to get it at an affordable price then use the Zoog VPN coupon code. It will reduce the amount of this VPN and secure your connectivity.

Zoog VPN Free Version Features

If you are looking for a free Zoog VPN service. So, Yes the Zoog VPN provides the Free Version of their service with some limited but good features according to the other VPN free version. The Zoog provides good free features. There are the features of the free Zoog VPN Review given below:-

  • 3 VPN locations
  • 1 device only
  • 10GB bandwidth
  • Limited P2P
  • No logs
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Limited features
  • Limited content access

Advance Features of Zoog VPN Review

In the free version of Zoog VPN users will get the best but limited features. But in the premium, Zoog VPN plan users will get advanced features. So, there are some advanced feature reviews of the Zoog VPN service.

  • Best Protocol
  • Kill Switch
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Zoo Shadowing
  • Bank-grade encryption
  • Torrent-friendly servers
  • Strictly no logs 
  • Streaming VPN 
  • Fast speed and performance

These are the features you will get only on the Premium Plan of Zoog VPN. Includes with every ZoogVPN Plan you will also get Fast speed and high security, Apps for every device, and 24/7 Customer service Support.

Why Zoog VPN? – Zoog VPN Review 2024

The best and the main reason why you should go for the Zoog VPN is its affordable service. The Zoog VPN provides the best security and protection at reasonable pricing. The premium features at a low cost, the best streaming experience, bank-grade encryption, and a global VPN network on a budget. Zoog VPN is really free with the three servers’ locations with 10 GB of monthly bandwidth available to every registered user.

Premium Plan Pricing of Zoog VPN Review

If you want to purchase the premium subscription of Zoog VPN. and want to experience the unlimited bandwidth and many more things to do. So, there are three premium plans for Zoog VPN given below:-

1 Month Subscription

If you want to enjoy the premium features of a short time of Zoog VPN with a discount. so, there is a 23% discount available on the one-month subscription to Zoog VPN. The cost of Zoog VPN for 1 Month is $9.99.

1 Year Subscription

If you want to go for a Year subscription with some amazing discount, the Zoog VPN coupon code provides you with a One Year subscription plan at $2.99 per month Year subscription for just $35.99 only.

2 Year Subscription

If you want to avail the highest discount on Zoog VPN  to save a good amount of money. So, this plan 2-Year subscription plan is for you for just $1.87/mo*. Off. the best deal you will ever see with all the great and premium features which improved your VPN experience at a very affordable price. 

Zoog VPN Payment Methods?

The Zoog VPN has several  Payment Methods. There are the payment methods of Zoog VPN given below;-

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Union Pay
  • PaymentWall

These are the payment methods you can use on your purchase of Zoog VPN Subscriptions.

What Makes Zoog VPN an Ideal Choice?

  • Maximized for optimal performance with fast speeds, total privacy & security.
  • Zero log policy for complete privacy.
  • Cherry-picked dedicated 1Gbps VPN servers worldwide serving every major region.
  • Unlimited server switching & unlimited speed.
  • Dedicated VPN servers for streaming, gaming, and torrent downloads.
  • IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, Socks5 Proxy & OpenVPN protocols.
  • Over 50 VPN locations in 26 countries with 1000s of IPs and growing.

What are the Pros and Cons of Zoog VPN?

The Zoog VPN is one of the best VPNs that help you to make all your online activities safe. But still, the VPN has both pros and cons. So let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Zoog VPN.


  • Easy to access any kind of blocked content from anywhere.
  • This will keep your device and personal information safe.
  • Keep all your transactions safe from the hacking world.
  • Reliable Customer Support System.


  • This will slow down the speed of your device’s internet
  • Very Small VPN Servers Network
  • You are not allowed to access & HBO Max

Is There Any Better Alternative to The Zoog VPN?

Zoog VPN Review

Yes, Zoog is the best option if you want to use the services of a free VPN. But if you want to use the services of Paid VPN then you might like to use the better one. You have many amazing paid VPN services that work for you if you don’t like the services of Zoog VPN.

  • NordVPN is one of the best options to explore paid VPN services. The services of this VPN are quite reasonable and offer amazing features. The best thing is that the company offers an amazing NordVPN Coupon Code for special occasions. With the help of these coupons, users can save maximum bucks on the purchases of this software. It is one of the better options in the comparison of Zoog VPN Paid services.
  • ExpressVPN is one of the well-known VPN software that keeps all online activities safe. It is one of the best choices for business users. Because it is safe and easy to handle. The price of this software is expensive as compared to the Zoog VPN but the features are amazing. But on the purchases of long-term plans buyers are allowed to use ExpressVPN Promo Code to reduce the actual prices.
  • Surfshark VPN is the only VPN in the market that offers unlimited device connection at a time. The services are good to use as compared to Zoog VPN paid services. It is better to use and reasonable after using the Surfshark VPN Coupon Code.

Can Users Cancel Their Subscription at Any Time?

Yes, the user can cancel their subscription whenever users want. The user only needs to contact 24/7 Customer support.

Does Zoog VPN Provide a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, the Zoog VPN provides a  Money-back guarantee within 7-days. They will get their refund positively.

Does Zoog VPN Provide a Trail?

The Zoog VPN provides the Free Version with some limited features of 10 GB bandwidth in three locations. The free version is unlimited with limited features.