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Best eBook Torrenting Sites 2024 [100% Working]

Best eBook Torrenting Sites

An eBook is an electronic version of traditional print books that can be read by using your personal computer, laptop, or phone. You can read any Ebook wherever by downloading ebooks with torrent sites on your devices.

Even in the digital era of the 21st century, the book hasn’t lost their valuable importance anymore and they are still an authentic source of information for all time. 

There was a time when we used to go to school with a load of books on our shoulders, And now is a time today when we can easily read and download eBook torrents on our phones themselves.

In this blog, we cover the best eBook torrenting sites that are available by which you can download ebooks in high quality to read them easily on devices.

Top 10 Free Best Ebook Torrenting Sites 2024 List- 

10 Free Best ebook Torrenting Sites

No one wants to carry the weight of books in their bags. So here we provide some Ebooks torrenting sites that help you in reading online. You can download ebooks through the best Ebook torrenting sites and access them at your fingertips in a matter of seconds.

Libgen eBook

Libgen eBook is one of the best eBook torrenting sites on the internet today to find and download the best eBook for free. Here anyone can create their account and share eBooks. 

You can find almost any book file on Libgen eBook to download

As of 2018, the Libgen eBook’s database claims to contain over 2.7 million books and over 58 million journal articles. No matter in which field are you, from this site you can find any genre of eBooks to download and read.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents was a website that provided a directory of torrent files and consider one of the so popular eBook torrenting sites

It was founded in 2008,  But in the year 2017, it was taken down by the US authorities. Artem Violin was arrested because of its pirated content and leaked content. But After a couple of months, they launched a new domain of it that you can access at the current time.

The developers of Kickass Torrents’ never lose their hope after banning its one domain. They continue doing hard work and come up with a new domain that’s why you can enjoy free downloading eBooks on your device.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the oldest and the most popular torrenting site for a long time. It also faces some issues regarding its pirated pieces of stuff but the developers never lose hope and keep continue to put the stuff for their users.

The pirate bay allows visitors to search and download torrent files which facilitate P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing between the users. 

It also allows users to download the BitTorrent files that contain metadata necessary to download data files. 


EBookee is the name of the site that declares purely for the eBook Torrent site. the ebookee is a massive collection of online eBooks. It is the best one for downloading ebook torrenting sites over 4 million with 70 different genres collection of eBooks.

As per the data of EBookee it has over 40 million+ in over 70+ different categories like tech, tutorials, comics, novels, fiction, and many more. 

When I use it then I find its interface interesting without any ads or irritating popups. There is also a comment section provided where you can get real-time reviews and comments about the eBooks torrent that is available to download.


Manybooks is also the best torrent site for eBooks and it is an excellent place for people who look up to read new and updated books. It provides over 50,000 eBooks for free to download with a lot of different genres. The design and layout of this site are very eye-catching and so an easy-to-use interface that makes it too good from any other eBook torrenting site.

It has an attractive user interface and is so organized all stuff. Here paid eBooks are available for free or at the lowest prices as compared to any other sites.


RARBG is the oldest torrenting site for eBook downloading eBooks having a simple and easy-to-use interface for users. It is also a most reputed name and has a library of so many new eBooks that are very interesting while reading. 

Very few in a number of websites updated their site stuff from time to time but RARBG updates its contents on daily basis with the latest eBooks. 

Planet eBooks 

Planet eBooks is another free eBook torrenting site for classic literature lovers that offers high-quality eBooks in multiple formats. On this site, you can read or download eBooks in high-quality formats. 

Once you download one eBook then you would love to read and are lured to read more. So whenever you seem that you learn something new then Just go with Planet eBooks. 

Extra Torrent

There is no doubt that extra torrent is the truly outstanding and the biggest center of digital books. The website is dedicated to providing updated and new eBooks with the necessary information.

Extra Torrent was founded in 2006 and in 2017 ExtraTorrent willfully stopped its activities all of a sudden. As you know torrent websites have pirated stuff and it is not legal to use. 

But the readers were not going to rest then after the developers of extra torrent come up with its new domain.


Whenever you try to search sites’ names for downloading eBooks in the search bar then limetorrents are seen on the top results. 

Limetorrents has a well-developed UI and an easy-to-understand interface. Limetorrents provide a number of new and reliable eBooks for download. It also has plenty of genres of books that users take a lot of information after reading. 

Free-eBooks.NET is the most searched word for downloading or reading free eBooks torrenting sites. As per mentioned in the name title the word “Free”. that‘s why you can understand It is completely free to use for the users.

It provides plenty of new and different genres of eBooks. In genres like Fiction, non-fiction, Science, fantasy, Business, technology, and others.

Is It Safe To Use eBook Torrenting Sites 2024?

Safe to Use eBook Torrenting sites or not

No, It is not 100% safe to use torrenting sites for downloading eBooks online. Because as you know that these types of sites have pirated content that is illegal for use. But don’t worry, here we are to help you in this matter.

You can use the ebook sites which is available on the internet today for downloading eBooks by using the best VPN software service and taking some rational precautions. As you must know that a VPN helps you in hiding your online activity and allow you to browse the internet anonymously. After passing through A VPN you can safely download eBooks from torrenting sites.

How To Stay Safe When Using eBook Torrenting Sites?

Torrenting is a great way to share and download movies, music, software, and any other large files. But Torrenting comes with a number of risks, when you use eBook Torrenting Sites then you also have the risk of malware and viruses.

Still, If you download an eBook from torrent sites then you the downloaded file containing viruses and copyright materials, also, anyone in the ‘torrent herd’ can easily see your IP address, identity, and location.

It’s a matter of danger but what’s the solution? If you think should I use Torrenting sites to download eBooks then my answer is Yes, you can. 

Through a reliable VPN, it’s easy and safe to use torrent sites. A VPN allows you to access the internet anonymously and keeps you safe from hackers and cyber threats. You can safely surf the best eBook torrent sites and download eBooks to read without any compromise.


We do not recommend any types of pirated or torrent websites and We are strictly against online piracy websites. We support the government law that never allows downloading any type of content from this type of torrenting site that are illegal to use.

We do not encourage you to use a VPN for downloading ebooks and torrenting websites. It is your own risk to use it but one thing that I confirm you that a VPN always hides your real identity masks your location and keeps safe from malware and viruses.

How Can You Download eBooks From Any Torrenting Sites?

If you find the electronic versions of your book on your device what would be better than this? Then here best eBook torrenting sites for ebooks download have come into play and help you in this situation.

You can download or read eBooks from any torrent site in just simple steps – 

  • Search or go for any torrenting site’s name in your search browser.
  • Open one website of eBooks.
  • After opening you just search your book name in the search bar section.
  • Then your eBook will be shown.
  • Enjoy reading or downloading.

Is It Illegal To Download Ebooks Online?

Yes, downloading eBooks online is illegal and unsafe. The reason is, Copyright law and some eBooks may contain malicious software that can also install malware, spyware and so many viruses on your devices after downloading it. The Government keeps eye on these types of pirated and torrented sites and banned them.

Should You Use A VPN For Downloading eBooks From Torrenting Sites?

Yes, You should need to use the best VPN software while safely downloading eBooks from torrent sites. BitTorrent is basically that method that allows you to torrent downloading. By using BitTorrent you can download music, applications, games, videos, and images also.

As you know torrent sites have pirated and leaked kinds of stuff uploaded if you downloaded it then it may contain malware and viruses that can affect your devices and leak data to hackers.

When you go through a reliable VPN then you keep safe your personal data and protect your online activity. In this way, you can completely hide your identity and IP Address which help you in accessing the ebook torrent sites safely

Why Should You Avoid Downloading Pirated eBooks?

It’s true, that you should avoid downloading pirated eBooks from torrenting sites. Because when you download pirated eBooks from any torrent websites they may contain malware and viruses

Downloading from the torrenting site can expose your computer, laptop, or phone. Pirated eBooks contain malware, and viruses, especially any PDF books or eBooks. A PDF is an open file format so anyone can attach any type of virus in this that can be harmful to your devices. 

Surfing any type of pirated site is illegal and it is crime to use. The reason is that the Government strictly banned torrenting sites due to cyber crimes matter and some networking guidelines. 

Why eBooks Are So Popular?

There are so many reasons why eBooks are so popular among users nowadays. One reason is that they are very convenient and easy to access

You can download an eBook from the best eBook torrenting sites on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and read it anywhere and anytime for free. You can also carry around a lot of eBooks on one device, which is great for travelers.

Another reason is that they are often cheaper than printed books available in the market. You can usually find discounts on eBook prices, and some eBooks are even free

This makes them ideal for people who want to save money and consume information on their reading materials. Everyone does not want to carry the weight of books anymore they just want a digital book or pdfs on their phones and read anywhere in a matter of a few seconds.


We describe the top eBook torrenting sites above the given free eBook websites you should definitely try. You can try anyone from the list according to your preference. 

You should use a VPN while downloading eBooks from torrenting sites to keep your data safe and protect it from malware.

Are eBook Torrents Safe To Download?

No, It is not 100% safe if you download eBooks from any torrenting site then it will consider an illegal activity. Torrenting sites are banned by the government due to pirated content.

Can I Download an eBook From a Torrent With a VPN?

Yes, you can download eBooks through a VPN but as you know that downloading ebook torrenting sites is not safe if you go through a VPN then you can surf safely and be protected from malware and viruses.

Are eBooks illegal To Use?

Yes, eBook torrenting sites are illegal to use because of their pirated contents. Government is strictly against torrent sites and banned them.